Woodlands New Town

The Woodlands New Town, or simply “Woodlands”, is a residential town that is situated in the northern part o the country and belongs to the Northwest CDC area. The town shouldn’t be mistaken for the Woodlands Constituency located in the Woodlands New Town, which is governed by the Sembawang GRC. Woodlands New Town is situated near to the Sungai Kadut Estate and Sembawang New Town.


The town is linked to the southernmosy city of Malaysia which is Johor Bahru via the Johor-Singapore causeway. It is also linked to Senoko through Avenue 10 and to Yishun through Gambas Avenue. The town features one of the biggest shopping centres in the country. It also houses the Innova Junior College, the Singapore Sports School and the Republic Polytechnic.

The development of the town is chiefly focused in the southern, eastern and central regions of the area and maintains a countryside way of living that provides fresh air, calmness and the benefit of being surrounded by trees and plant life in the northern end. Grasslands, parks, enormous open spaces, communal gardens and recreational facilities and amenities are found almost anywhere in the town.


The majority of the housing apartment flats are connected which provide sheltered walkways throughout an entire partition within the confines of each estate. However, a number of larger parks are condensed within the confines of some estates to serve as a haven to escape from the urban lifestyle. Even though these parks are manmade, they are able to house an abundant assortment of pleasant environments and natural habitats.

The Woodlands Town Garden is one of the old parks; Woodland Waterfront on the other hand is one of those that are recently opened. There are broad spectrums of housing apartment flats and residential blocs, a number of which serve as the best sample of architectural building designs in the country. The town is highly accessible when compared to the other estates found within the area. Feeder Bus routes pass within the town and large avenues permit a smooth flow of traffic.



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