When in Paris: Top Destinations to Visit  


Many Singaporeans dream of going to Paris for vacation or for good. Regardless, it is important that we know major attractions there as well as minor ones to truly experience being a Parisian. If in this case we decided to go to Paris for vacation, there are plenty of places that we can go. The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower are pleasant sights. These sights tend to attract more attention from travellers but we have to give chance to lesser popular ones.


Louvre and Eiffel Tower are celebrated too much that other tourists fail to see the inner charm and beauty of Paris beyond these sights. To truly experience Paris, you need to discover places that are less crowded and intimate because these places are more authentic than their celebrated counterparts. Here are some places that serve merit on your visit to Paris:

  1. Saint Sulpice Church: Are you familiar with The Da Vinci Code? If you are, you already saw the Saint Sulpice Church. Despite its appearance at The Da Vinci Code, the church is still under-visited. Saint Sulpice Church is the second largest church in Paris and it is located in Saint German district. You will not get lost because you will easily recognize the white façade as well as the divergent bell towers not to mention the church features the three paintings of Delacroix. The church boasts of Baroque interior which is not only spectacular but free.
  2. Pere Lachaise Cemetery: The sound of visiting a cemetery is unappealing but not Pere Lachaise. The cemetery boasts of amazing chapels and mausoleums. This is the largest cemetery and well known. If you happen to come by there, perhaps you can offer prayer to Oscar Wilde and Edith Piaf.
  3. Local Bakeries: Travellers tend to look for award-winning or famous bakeries but little do they know that local bakeries most often produce the best products. Parisians do not travel far to buy bread because they consider local bakeries. You can consider local bakeries and you will realize they taste the same with famous ones. If you want to taste Paris’ best macarons in town, head to Pain de Sucre located at the Pompidou Centre in Marais. The macaroons there are superb.520
  4. Military Museum: If it is not Louvre, travellers visit the Pompidou Centre of the Musee d’Orsay. The lesser common museum is the Military Museum. This may sound little geeky but the museum features war artefacts from the Middle Ages not to mention Napoleon’s extravagant tomb. The displays are in English so you will have no problem understanding it.
  5. Gardens at the Palais Royal: Strolling through the gardens is not as celebrated as before maybe because across the street is the Louvre. If you want to relax after the stroll, you can get coffee from nearby cafes and sit back while marvelling over the pristine gardens – a typical Parisian day.
  6. Carnavalet Museum: The Museum houses Parisian history. It is nestled in two mansions created in the 16th and 17th The Museum is free and spacious but is often overlooked by tourists because of the nearby falafel shops. In fact, lines in shops are longer than at the Carnavalet.
  7. Corner Cafes: You will never truly experience how to be a Parisian if you haven’t tried corner cafes. Sure, there have been numerous boutique shops across the city. These shops offer coffee with a price but some sights are uninviting and these shops are too crowded. If you consider corner cafes, your $2 espresso will be worth it. Lounging on the terrace and watching the world go by is the best time.

If you are up for more truly Parisian experience, you can learn their language. Learning new language is fun and fulfilling. After learning their language, you will be better at conversing and for sure you will meet lots of French. If the places are too much for you to discover, look for a local tour guide. The tour guide can help you navigate the streets and places with ease.

Visiting Paris will surely take your breath away. It will amaze you and when you are there, do not forget to do what the Parisians do. Before getting there, it is imperative that you settled the accommodation and your itinerary so you will have no troubles along the way.


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