Whats the Best Sleeping Position?  


For those who want quality sleep, they might want to rethink of their sleeping position. Let it be known that our sleeping position can have an effect on our sleep and overall health. According to Steven Park from the New York Medical College, sleep apnoea, fatigue, heartburn and headaches are intensified by improper posture when sleeping.


So, what’s the best sleeping position for us?

  • Black sleeping: Is it back sleeping? According to experts, back sleeping is not a good position for persons with sleep apnoea condition or for snorers.
  • Stomach sleeping: Sleeping on our stomach is not recommended as well because inhaling will be difficult.
  • Side sleeping: Many experts agreed that the best position would be at the sides particularly on our left side. Sleeping on our left side can help reduce heartburn symptoms.


Aside from our sleeping position, quality sleep can also be achieved if we follow tips like going with the flow – this means that we follow our natural sleeping pattern and not change it rapidly. We have to factor in our mattress as well. The condition of our mattress matters because it can dictate our sleep position.

Knowing these things, hopefully sleeping will be easier and more comfortable now. We have to give importance to sleep so when we wake up, we can catch whatever Singapore throws us. Regardless of the position we consider, we have to know that no one stays in one position all night so we have to move. Moving can help with our circulation. A good night’s sleep can make a difference at the end of the day.

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