What You Need to Know About Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the most common killer not only in America but around the world. Heart diseases impair the heart’s ability to function well. There are many forms of heart disease to include coronary artery disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and many others. We hear that only old people are prone to heart diseases but we heard wrong. Anyone can be a victim- man, woman, young and old. But it is avoidable or treatable if we really want to.


We should get acquainted with the risk factors involving a heart disease. Some are inherited and some are acquirable but treatable. There is family history to consider, the age, other underlying disease like diabetes, overweight, smoking, hypertension, sedentary or stressful way of life and high cholesterol level. Now that we know the risk factors, it is time to discuss how to control it.

Set a doctor’s appointment

Doctor’s will recommend regular checkups and series of screenings to monitor our heart disease this way, we can prevent possible complications. They will also prescribe some drugs that can help us feel better. We should always follow the doctor’s words or it will cause us our life.


Deliberately change your lifestyle

It is pointed out many times that the lifestyle we have contributes to our wellness or sickness. If we want to live long and enjoy life, we should at least take care of our body. Abandoning our current lifestyle is not easy but it should be encouraged. Let us begin by eating healthy foods and perform regular exercise.

Reduce stress and think of happy things

Stress should be avoided as much as possible. Stress can cause many diseases in general so if we don’t want to attract other diseases aside from what we have, let us not get influenced. Being happy is useful too!

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