The Things You Do In Your 20s That Are Skin Damaging


Being young means having all the energy to do all the things we want, even if these things are harmful to our health. If you aim to maintain that youthful, glowing skin to your 30s and beyond, avoid doing these things that could be causing harm to your skin.


1. Forgetting to Wash Your Face at Night. Just because you’re so drained out and tired doesn’t mean you’re excused. Not cleansing your skin can lead to oil and dirt build-up, which can cause clogged pores and pimples later on. If you really can’t wash your face, at least keep some face wipes on your bedside table to take off your makeup at night.

2. Partying Too Much. A couple of glasses of cocktail won’t hurt, but having them every night is unhealthy to your skin and overall health. If drinking is necessary—say you’re invited to company events almost every night, have a glass of water for every glass of alcohol you drink. This replenishes the lost moisture in your skin and prevents hangover the next morning.

3. Smoking While Drinking. Too much drinking is already skin damaging, what more when paired with smoking? Even if you’re not the one puffing, second-hand smoke can still be harmful to your skin. It can cause your skin’s elastin and collagen to breakdown, triggering premature wrinkles and sagging skin.


4. Constantly Touching Your Face. Whether you’re picking a zit or simply leaning your face on your hand, you’re transferring bacteria from your palm or fingertips onto your skin. This can trigger pimples, breakouts, or aggravate existing acne, which will eventually leave your skin colour and texture uneven.

5. Talking On the Phone Non-Stop. Holding your phone against your cheek for an excessive amount of time can lead to rashes and breakouts along your jawline. To ensure you’re not transferring bacteria from your phone to your face, always clean your phone with antibacterial wipes.

6. Sharing Makeup with Friends. Just because you and your girl friends are getting ready together doesn’t mean you can swap lipsticks and mascaras. When sharing makeup, you’re at risk to getting eye or skin infection, conjunctivitis, cold sores, and many more. Before you invite your BFFs to get ready with you in your place, ask them to bring their own makeup to avoid awkward I-don’t-share-my-makeup convos.

It takes effort to get that flawless and young-looking skin. However, it is important to know that having radiant skin isn’t only achieved by using luxurious skin care products, but also by being considerate of our day-to-day activities.


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