The Most Searched Athletes of 2015  


If you are a sport fanatic, you’ve scoured the internet for more information and details about your idol. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, that is good since you are looking up to them and take them as your inspiration for future endeavours. The thing is you are not alone because thousands of Singaporeans frantically search for their idols from January of this year up to the present.


2015 has been a remarkable year for Sports – from the Wimbledon to British Formula 1 and Chelsea. Yahoo Sport looked at the most searched athletes of 2015 and here is the list:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo: This is certainly a good year for Ronaldo. With a good career and a film about himself, he could not ask for more. Football fans around the world find him fascinating that is why he is the top two most searched athlete of 2015. Though he failed to win the Champions League and the Spanish title this year, he is still the most sought-after footballer on the planet.
  • Serena Williams: This is Serena’s year with her ‘Serena Slam’. In fact, she is considered as the greatest female Tennis player of all time.
  • Manny Pacquiao: The Filipino Manny Pacquiao made history in May 2, 2015 when he fought Floyd Mayweather Jr. Though he did not win, he is still the most searched athlete actually more than Mayweather.
  • Lewis Hamilton: He is a sought-after athlete not because of his high profile breakup with Nicole Scherzinger. He is famous because he won the most coveted of all drivers – 2015 Formula 1 world title. This year win enabled Hamilton to retain the world title which is a first for a British driver.


  • Roger Federer: The first half of the year was sluggish for Federer – he lost to an Italian Andreas Seppi and Stan Wawrinka. In fact, there were many doubts about him the first half. Come second half, he redeemed himself. He made it to the finals of the US Open and Wimbledon but lost to Novak Djokovic. Though he did not win, the important thing is he redeemed himself.
  • Lionel Messi: Messi’s year started brilliantly winning the Champions League and the La Liga. His disappointment started when they did not win the 2015 Copa America not to mention his nightmare when he sustained knee injury that kept him from playing for eight weeks.
  • Steven Gerrard: Steven Gerrard is a valued member of the LA Galaxy. Though his team failed to defend their title, he is still commended by many.

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