Teens and Anxiety


In the outside, our teens may look okay and happy but we really do not know what is happening inside – they may feel depressed, angered or anxious. We should keep these negative feelings at bay because it can destroy them. As parents, we have to guard them. In this article, let us focus on anxiety and what it can do to our teens.


According to Young Minds, a charity organization, three percent of children and young people have anxiety disorder. We see anxiety disorder as a regular illness that can just go away after few days. In fact, there are some parents who totally ignore anxiety and force their children to go about their daily lives normally.

It is important that we discuss the meaning of anxiety first. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and it can come from many sources. In the lives of teens, anxiety may be in the form of final exams, public speaking, competing in sports and the like. There are teens that react strongly to stressful situations to the point of causing them distress.

We have to know that anxiety is a good thing if it helps our teens deal with the tense situation. It can be harmful if anxiety will cause irrational behaviour which prevents teens from focusing. The worst part is anxiety can come between friends and family. This is the reason why we have to educate our teens and understand them.

So, here are some things that we should know about anxiety:5c99d3651c33b4326dfc6d23f175ad6d

  • How can our teens cope with anxiety? Teens have different approaches if we will talk about coping with anxiety. The first thing that they have to do is recognize their emotions. We have to help them identify where it came from and why. Sometimes, even after admitting or recognizing our emotions, it still feels too heavy. This is the time when we need the help of therapists. There are many therapists here in Singapore that specializes in these things.
  • Signs of excessive anxiety: Sometimes we have to ask: how much is too much? We will know if it is too much if our teens feel worried and afraid without reason. Another sign is constantly worrying about everyday events. The last sign is getting paranoid or panicky and as a result, we are unable to function.
  • Treatment for teenagers: Adults are treated differently than teens with anxiety. The key here is to find the right treatment to reduce anxiety. The good thing is that there are many centres here in Singapore that can provide support for our teens.

Anxiety is an issue that should be tackled and resolved. Let us do our best to help our teens in this crucial moment of their life.


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