Surviving Fire in the Workplace

There was fire at the site of Flamingo Valley last July 1, 2013. Singapore Civil Defence Force swiftly killed the fire within five minutes. It was said that three hundred construction workers were at the site when the fire set off. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported. Investigations pertaining to the cause of the fire were initiated.


Fire happens but there are instruments and equipments that you can consider to help you put it out. When fire happens in the workplace, you should know what to do to increase your chances of surviving it. Here are things you can do when there is fire:


When you hear the alarm, move quickly. Do not be afraid to move.

Look for the door

When you are inside the room, the first thing that you should do is head to the door. You should feel if it is hot. If the bottom of the door is cool, it is a good sign. You should open the door and stay low and crawl. It is important that you yell so other people around will know that there is fire.

Head to the nearest fire exit

As a worker, you were oriented of the fire exit evacuation plans. You should follow it. If the exit is blocked by fire, you should escape through the windows and look for ladders.

Protect yourself from inhaling smoke

Smoke can suffocate you. It is important that you protect yourself from inhaling smoke. Take a damp shirt or rag and place it in your nose and mouth.

When you are out, stay away from the structure

When you are out, stay away from the burning structure. You should be at a safe distance.

Call for help

If you are injured, call for help. If you know someone trapped, get help to extract him/her.

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