Surviving Capsize

On December 19, 2013, a Bolivian barge capsized in the waters of Singapore. The barge was called Heng Hong 168. It carried five crew members. On December 22, 2013, one crew member was found drifting and alive in Bintan Island. The Coast Guard of Indonesia sent the survivor to a hospital right away. As for the remaining crew members, search and rescue are ongoing.


Accidents happen when you spend most of your time at sea. The crew member survived a capsize. Capsize refers to the overturning of the boat on the surface of the water. When you are in a water with your boat, you should consider a degree of prevention. Here are some tips:


  • Sit in the right place: Boats have designated place for sitting, right? Follow that. Avoid sitting on the motor cover, bow and gunwale because it can spur capsize.
  • Always wear life jackets: Whether you go for fishing or a leisure boat ride, you should always wear your life jackets. Do not wait for capsize to happen before you wear your life jackets. It is better to be prepared.
  • Do not overload: Capsize (or sinking) happens if you overload your boat. Do not rely on buoyancy. The boat has limits you know. It is better to balance the gear and the passengers to be safe.
  • Watch out for weather forecasts: Every time you go out for boating, you should check the weather forecasts first. When you hear the sea is good and calm, you can proceed but if you hear it is not good, do not risk it.
  • Secure the anchor: Anchoring can incite capsize. It is important that you secure your anchor so you will be safe. When anchoring, you should secure the line to the bow not the stern.

You can survive a capsize or even sinking if you think calmly. Do not panic because it will dissolve your resolve.


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