Strategies to Encourage Kids to Be Responsible


Being responsible is a sign of maturity. It means owning a decision and accepting the rewards and the consequences that it entails. To some Singaporeans, responsibility is synonymous to accountability. We just want our children to grow responsible but not all can conform. It can be challenging to have a child that lacks responsibility.


There are many reasons why a child lacks responsibility. It can be their fear of failure or their overwhelming laziness. Regardless of the reason, we should not give up. Our kids need us more than ever. If we let their lack of responsibility run for a long time, it can affect their jobs and their future relationships – we do not want that.

Here are some strategies that we can consider to encourage our children to be responsible:

  • Before we go about lecturing our kids, we have to talk to them first. This will give us an idea of the troubles they are encountering so we can understand them better. We have to be careful not to sound critical because they might not open up.


  • Relay roles. One strategy is to give our children roles. By explaining the objectives, they will understand what is asked from them.


  • Do not micromanage. As parents, we have our own management styles. Sometimes we have to see the whole picture. We do not know our child’s lack of responsibility is due to wrong delegation of tasks. It is crucial that we learn the art of delegating based on their abilities.


  • Give praise. When our kid shows responsibility, we should not forget to give praise. They will know that they did good and will continue to do good in the long run. They seek to impress us.


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