Smart Strategies for Dealing with Uncertainty


There is a certain point in time where you will feel uncertain. That is part of life and it is normal. What is not normal is ignoring it and living in sadness. When you hear uncertainty, it gives you creeps after all it is scary living in an ambiguous future. It is worrisome not to know something that can have a great impact in your life and the people around you.


As much as possible, when you look forward to the future, you want to have the confidence to anticipate what will happen but in reality, it does not end that way. Your world right now may be comprised of towering uncertainties from job to your relationships.

It is important to acknowledge these feelings so you will know how to proceed. Here are some strategies on dealing with uncertainty:

  • Focus on the things that bother you: When you are consumed with uncertainty, sometimes you tend to just let “nature take its course” which is not a good thing. When you are uncertain, you have to keep yourself busy and fixate on things that are keeping you scared and uncertain. For example, if you have an illness, you are not sure about the future but if you fixate on things like researching about it and looking for information. This way you are turning your fear into a positive experience. Learning whatever you can about your illness can help you deal with it.


  • Keep your nerves calm: When you are uncertain, the amygdala will recognize it thereby signalling the brain to “flight or fight”. If the prefrontal cortex receives the alarm but think it is not a devastating thing, it will simply suppress the amygdala. How can you supress amygdala? You have to keep your nerves calm through yoga, therapy and even meditation.


  • Forget about the voices inside: When you face challenges that can shatter your confidence eventually leading to uncertainties, do not trust the voices inside your head. These voices will only discourage you and keep you inattentive. Instead, listen to the people around you. These people see things clearly.


  • Embrace the confusion: You will not always get your way but you have to embrace the chaos or the confusion in order to survive it all. When you do not get your way, you only scrutinize the loss but never the gains. Brains are wired to think of the worse always and you can actually rewire these thoughts. You have to embrace the confusion and realize that things will become opportunities to learn and the possibilities are endless.


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