SG and PH Artists Forms Solidarity 21

Neighboring countries of Singapore has witness its cultural shift in the past decades wherein high rise buildings, luxurious hotels and restaurants multiply even today. Along with its rapid development in terms of economic phase, Singapore is one of the many countries in Southeast Asia known for its well-off culture and arts, particularly the – the ‘street arts.’


Members from RSCLS or the local artist in Singapore joined in a colorful and artistic activity in collaboration of some artists in the Philippines, the Katipunan Street Team (KST). This group of diverse artists has recently launched the Solidarity 21, a movement of artists advocating for solidarity across Asian region.

To put it simply, the movement’s main objective is to ‘unite’ local artists in both countries. The three-day event highlights huge mural painting, pop-up exhibition, as well as paint jam along 222 Queen Street, one of the oldest streets of Singapore while KST participants holds mini-forum wherein they share their own story and numerous experiences as an artist.

Human understanding on street art

Urban artist Samantha Lo (also known as SKL0), known for her graffiti artwork, she also shared her interest on street art. Similar to some artwork, the baseline thought of Solidarity 21 collaborating human understanding, interpretation on the cultural tapestry, in many faces or form. In an interview, Lo stressed out “the most important thing, to me is to have people really understand this.”

People stories and their perception towards street art are highly important for better understanding of this art form, Samantha added. The entire Solidarity 21 movement believes that through this initiative initiated by street artists themselves will continue to move, inspire, create positive door of acceptance, thereby their advocacies can be of great help on the richness of arts in Singapore, the Philippines and other participating country.

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