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5 Ways to Stylishly Dress Your Baby Bump


While it may seem impossible to stay stylish as you start growing a baby bump, expert stylists actually say that soon-to-be moms need not to worry about changing their style just because they’re pregnant. All they’ve got to do is check on clothing stores that carry fashionable maternity wears, while putting the following tips to good use.

  1. Purchase a Good Bra

One of the little changes you need to do in your wardrobe as you start growing a baby is to purchase the right bra size. Investing on the right bra for your current size will not only make you feel more comfortable, it’ll also make your clothes lay and look much better on your changing body. If you’re planning to breastfeed your baby, however, then it’d be best to invest on a good nursing bra than simply buying new bras for pregnancy.

  1. Accentuate Your Baby Bump

Contrary to what most women think, this is the perfect time to embrace your new belly size by simply flaunting those curves. Opt for form-fitting clothing pieces set in Lycra fabric to achieve a more flattering look on your baby bump. Remember, there are few things more beautiful than a blooming mom-to-be who’s wrapped in a gorgeous dress.

  1. Get the Right Belly Support

If you’re a denim and pants type of girl, ensure that you purchase and wear bottoms that have the right belly support. As much as possible, opt for pants with a wide band and strong support fabric to prevent any skin irritation from occurring. You can also go for maternity tanks that provide the same amount of support and stretch, and can be worn under dresses or tanks. Not only will this help in smoothing your outfit, it’ll also relieve some of the physical stress brought by carrying those extra pounds around.

  1. Play With Patterns and Stripes

Most women tend to wear dark clothing pieces as soon as they baby bump starts showing up, but that doesn’t mean that you should follow along and shy away from bright colours, floral prints and patterns. You can actually wear these pieces the same way you did before you got pregnant. Remember, it’s more about the fit and less about the colours.

  1. Pair a Dress With Sneakers

Given the comfort and stylishness it brings, this getup will certainly work wonders on moms-to-be. Level up the chicness of the dress-and-sneaker combi by simply wrapping a chambray shirt right under your baby bump. Now, that’s an easy way for pregnant women to look stylish without sacrificing their comfort.

Being pregnant shouldn’t prevent you from feeling fashionable and keeping up with the trends. Just remember that the key to dressing sexy and modern during pregnancy is to choose trends that you want to try and adapt them to your current body.

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