Marina Bay Carnival

Okay, maybe it’s time to unleash the inner kid inside of us. Remember when everything was so wide and colorful that everywhere you turn, mystery and delight were all that surrounded you? The Marina Bay Carnival is definitely a child’s wonderland! But hey, we didn’t say if was for children, we were talking about the inner child inside all of us! Everything can be wonderful and amazing as the rides not only paint colorful pictures but also release the adrenaline through the thrill of world class roller coaster and other entertainment!

Just recently opened, this carnival is planned to be up and functioning until April 1 which means you have to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to hop on a few rides and enjoy! With 25,000 square meters, 40 thrilling attractions, and 20 food stalls, you won’t even be able to finish everything in a day!

Here are a few attractions you should definitely try!

1. Star flyer
This attraction starts by lifting you 35 meters off the ground then spinning you 360 degrees around! Imagine getting a birds eye view of the whole city in a matter of seconds again and again! This might not be for the faint of heart, but if you’ve mustered up the courage to try, you definitely should!

2. Mach 5
Let’s say that being hoisted 55 meters in the air is already thrilling. Now, imagine being hoisted 55 meters in the air at 96 kmph while you are twisted repeatedly! Can you imagine how much fun that may be like for adrenaline junkies! Maybe this isn’t for everyone but if you’re one of the few that has tried this, then congratulations!

3. Jungle river
Getting too hot? Well, maybe you should try out the jungle river! The jungle river isn’t jus an attraction that is suppose to cool you down, this attraction is packed with fun and enjoyment as you are cruising through the water.

Marina Bay has been known to bring us delightful entertainment and attractions but this time, they’ve over done themselves. The carnival is more than just a carnival, it is an amazing place for fun and entertainment with your family and friends! Everyone is in search for the perfect source of dopamine and going through these thrilling rides might just give you what you wanted. Not only does this ride entertain you, it is a good experience for you to feel the urge of survival once more! Do something a little daring everyday just to get your heart racing every once in a while. Now, why would anybody not want to go to the Marina Bay Carnival? You should definitely check them out before it is too late.