Make Your Manicure Last Longer With These Simple Tips  

Having a perfect set of manicured fingers that could last up to 10 days sounds almost impossible, isn’t it? However, if you give these simple tricks a shot, you’ll soon get that good looking nails for a much longer time—we promise!

Gentle care of nails in a beauty salon

1. Prep your nails the right way. This step is a must to ensure that your polish adheres properly to your nails. Clean your nails using a small makeup brush dipped in alcohol and water solution to eradicate oil or lotion residues and any moisture before putting on the base coat.

2. Work from top to bottom. Do not skip top coat and base coat. The base coat protects your nails from discoloration, while the top coat acts as a protective layer to make your polish last longer without chipping off. This duo ensures that you get the maximum staying power of your manicure.

3. Apply a coat of clear polish every other day. A thin coat of clear polish every other day will help keep your nail polish shiny and provide protection to any weak spots that are about to chip off. If every other day is too much for you, try at least every three days.


4. Do not blow on your nails. Blowing creates moisture than can actually prevent the lacquer from setting onto your nails properly. If you must speed up the process, use a blow-dryer to dry your nails. Set your blow-dryer to low, cool setting and let it blow on your nails for five to 10 seconds.

5. Wear gloves when washing. Washing something with your hands—like when doing the dishes or the laundry —lets moisture penetrate the polish, causing chips. Your best solution would be to use gloves when doing anything that requires wetting your hands for a longer time.

Nail care is a primary part of women’s beauty routine. Healthy and good looking nails suggest good hygiene and health, so it’s important to keep them at its best at all times.good-idea-wear-rubber-gloves-washing-dishes_bb9769967f13ece5

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