Keeping Your Contemporary Art Longer

Owning an original piece of artwork can be considered as a price possession. Possessing a painting is very easy but preserving its beauty and luster is very difficult most especially when it is an oil-based type of painting. Preserving the original appearance and beauty of an oil painting is difficult to sustain especially when several years have passed by since it was first created. An oil painting is much more tricky to preserve compared to acrylic and other types of paint mediums. Here are the five simple ways in which you can preserve the natural beauty of your most treasured oil painting:


1. Avoid too much exposure to light
Art experts in Singapore suggests that vinci art oil paintings should avoid getting too much light and darkness since it can easily cause the darkening and fading of the painting. If you want to preserve the beauty of the artwork, avoid placing it on places wherein it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, avoid placing the painting near your electrical lights since it can also cause damage to the painting.

2. Don’t hide your painting for long periods
Artworks that are mainly composed of oil paint such as vinci contemporary art in Singapore should not be stored in dark places for a prolonged timeframe. If paintings are kept in a dark place, the tendency is that the painting would become a whole lot darker over time in Singapore.


3. Watch out for high temperature and humidity
When there is sudden changes on the humidity and temperature, the canvas and wood can become affected which may cause the painting to expand or contract. The sudden contraction or expansion of the canvass may cause damage to the contemporary painting. Always remember that in Singapore the canvass and the wood are capable of absorbing the moisture that is the main cause of the expansion. Contraction of the canvass as well as the wood usually happens during dry days while expansion occurs during humid days.

4. Handle oil paintings with care
When you are planning to relocate your vinci contemporary art oil painting from Singapore, always remember to hold both sides of the painting. Keep in mind to avoid grasping the top of the painting. Avoid bumping the edges of the paint when you are attempting to place it another location because even a slightest bump may case cracking on the surface of the artwork.

5. Keep the dirt off
Experts in Singapore suggest that when your contemporary artwork has dirt on its surface, always clean it immediately since it can attract pollutants, moisture, and molds on the painting. Oil painting Singapore is always kept away from the windows, fireplace, and candles.


6. Carefully clean your artworks
It is essential to wipe off the dust and other pollutants on the oil based painting. You may use a soft fabric to lightly wipe of the dirt. The use of micro-fiber cloth and anti-static types of cloth has gain prominence in cleaning oil painting. You may use a distilled water to dampen the cloth. Distilled water is advisable since you can assure that there would be no chemicals that would react to the components of the paint.

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