Inspecting Your Portable Fire Extinguisher

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is advising the Singaporeans to be cautious of other companies claiming to be affiliated with the SCDF. These companies carry out talks and sell fire extinguishers using the name of SCDF. According to SCDF, they did not authorize any companies to sell fire extinguishers.


It is important that you do not fall under their schemes. Despite this news, Singaporeans should still be encouraged to purchase fire extinguishers for the safety of their own homes. If you have your portable fire extinguisher, it is crucial that you inspect it. Here are some inspection techniques:

  • Check if it is properly charged: It is important to check if your equipment is properly charged in case of emergency. You have to make sure that it is ready to use at all times. Inspect the gauge. The pointer should be within the green band.


  • Check for signs of damage: You have to make sure that you can still read the text provided on the label. You have to carefully scrutinize the surface for any signs of corrosion. You can reduce corrosion by cleaning it on a regular basis.
  • Check the safety seal: You need to make sure that the safety seal is intact. The nozzle should be clean and unhindered.
  • Report damage to the company: If you notice any damage or malfunction, you should immediately report it to the company. You have to wait for the equipment to be repaired before using it.

For the refilling of fire extinguisher, you need to go to authorized dealers. Incorrect filing can lead to danger. Keep safe!


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