How to Help Local Filmmakers

Good news for local filmmakers here in Singapore –Media Development Authority (MDA) is looking for ways to boost and improve the local movie scene. The government’s interests in supporting the local movie scene is received by filmmakers with enthusiasm and positivity. The government specifically wants to help the filmmakers promote their work.


The “Ilo Ilo” film spearheaded the government’s increase commitment to market local films. “Ilo Ilo” is the masterpiece of Anthony Chen. The film secured the Camera d’Or of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. After a few months, the film brought 4 Golden Horse Awards home.

MDA pointed out ways to help the local filmmakers. Here are some ideas:


  • Social media: Social media can be used as a platform for marketing local movies. Singaporeans are increasingly connected and updated because of the internet. Local filmmakers can use this situation to their advantage. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+ are just platforms they can utilize.
  • Schooling: The craft is not learned in the streets, it is taught in school. The government is supporting the dream of filmmakers starting from their school. Beginners can go to Ngee Ann Polytechnic to learn about filming. The institution has created many filmmakers for twenty years now.
  • Publicity: Foreign movies are always a hit because of their publicity. If people know about the upcoming local movies, it will stir and stimulate their interest. Publicity should be considered. Publicity is not only about streaming information constantly but it involves giving information at the right place and at the right time.

Making a movie and marketing it are separate things. The government together with local filmmakers will push it for the revival of local movie scene.

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