How to Defend Yourself

It is important that you learn how to defend yourself especially during work. For instance, there is a taxi driver in Singapore who was harmed by a tourist last March 7. The taxi driver was harmed because the tourist believed the driver cheated him of S$4 midnight surcharge. The court ordered the tourist to compensate the victim of S$1,699 because of a back injury and sentenced him for six weeks in jail.


If the taxi driver knew how to defend himself, he will not suffer a back injury. If you have time, you should learn some basic self-defence techniques because you wouldn’t know when you can use it. Learning self-defence will increase your chances of surviving a threat or danger. Self-defence means temporarily incapacitating the attacker or aggressor to escape. It doesn’t mean you should kill him/her. Here are some basic self-defence moves you can do:

Avoid it

Prevention is the best self-defence technique you can consider. You should be vigilant when walking alone by being aware of your surroundings. You should do your best to avoid confrontation because it will lead to violent surges. If violence is inescapable, you should be ready to face it.

Know the body parts to hit

When you face the aggressor or attacker, you only have few minutes to gather your energy and inflict pain. When you inflict pain, make sure to hit them on the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, knee and legs. These points can temporarily incapacitate the aggressor or attacker.


Use everyday objects

If you are threatened, use everyday objects to protect you. If you have pens or any sharp objects there, use it. For women, sprays and perfumes are best items. If you can reach a dust or sand, throw it. It is important to think. Don’t panic and lose everything you learned.

Go to self-defence schools

If you really want to learn from professionals, there are many schools that offer proper training.

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