Home Remedies for Your Everyday Problem

You want to start your day right but when you see your hair so messed up or pimple so big, it instantaneously ruin your day. You should not let that ruin a beautiful day. The good news is that you can do something about it. The better news is that you can use home remedies so you can save.


Some Singaporeans are conscious about their looks. That is not a crime. Singaporeans should feel good and comfortable without spending so much money. Here are some home remedy tips that you can consider of your everyday problem:

  • For your hair: If you are always conscious about your hair, it is time that you do something about it. The cheapest way to deal with it is using egg yolks. You should know that egg yolks can make your hair shine.


  • For your pimple: Papaya is known to give skin the glow it deserves. Papaya can also take care of your pimple by reducing its inflammation and stopping the formation of pus.
  • For your teeth: After eating bananas, you can use its peels to whiten your teeth. Simply rub the insides of the peels to your teeth for at least two minutes before brushing it.
  • For your armpits: Deodorants are not healthy and practical. If you want an effective yet cheap way to battle body odor, you can try rubbing lemons with the help of baking soda. First, rub a small amount of baking soda to your armpit then wipe fresh lemons.
  • For your feet: If you have problems with your feet, the easiest thing to do is soak the feet to salt water and not rinsing it. If you notice any peeling, stop the soaking and look for other remedies.

If you have serious problems that home remedies cannot help, you should go to your doctors and ask for their expert advice. There are many clinics here in Singapore so finding a specialist is not a problem.


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