Enriching Thy Travel Experiences


Traveling within Singapore is pleasurable enough how much more if it is overseas. Some people see traveling as a waste of time, energy and money but if you have seen the world, you cannot stop unless you have turned all stones and scoured every area. Traveling in itself is an enriching experience but you still need to improve what do you when traveling so you can remember your trip well.


Here are some tips when it comes to enriching your travel experiences:

  • Purchase guide books: You have to be sensible before catching the plane and heading to a specific place. It is crucial that you do some research of the place you are heading from the people, streets to the establishment, tourist attractions and even the history. You can find helpful data through guide books. Just make sure that it is updated.


  • Leave guide books behind: Guide books are helpful because it will provide you with valuable information but when the time comes to go out, you should leave the guide books behind and carry on without it. Just take some notes and use it instead. If all tourists use the same guide book, there is a huge possibility that it will crowd everything. Ask directions from local if you must, it will make the experience more fun.

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  • Aside from the seat, do not take someone else’s overhead bin. The overhead binds have purpose and it is equally divided to all passengers. If you have two bags, you can get the larger one inside the bin and take the smaller one at your feet. Just make sure that you give space to other passengers.


  • Understand the currency: For others, currency does not matter because it will only keep them from spending. If you working on a budget, you should understand the currency so you can determine if the place is expensive or not. If you know the currency and you have a budget, you will roam free.


  • Learn some local words: Unless you studied a particular language before, you will find learning other language a pain. It might sound less important but one word can make a difference at the end of the day. If you learn some local wonders, you can hold a conversation which is a good thing if you want to talk to locals and make sure local friends.


At the end of the day, what matters most is not the places you visited but by the quality of your visit. If you immerse yourself on the road, you will surely have memorable times.


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