Choosing Your Career

Building your career can sometimes be as difficult as choosing one. After all, there are only two steps to fix a problem. The first step is knowing what the problem is and the second one is simply to do something about it. Career paths have been chosen through many different methods of choosing. Some people let their parents choose a career while others have known by heart what they want to be. Not everybody follows the same path my friend.

From the start, you are usually trained and taught equally with your peers but the moment you go off to university, you then start building a career path for yourself. Now, remember when you were a kid and you were asked the question of what you want to be when you get older? Wasn’t it easier to answer back then? What happened?

The older you get, the broader your options become which then leads you to factor in a lot of different things which makes it much harder for you to choose a career. It’s definitely true that the more options we have, the harder it is for us to be able to choose. The choice between eating a steak and a fried chicken can be really easy for us. There are many approaches towards this decision. One of them could be that you have a sentimental attachment to chicken and would definitely choose chicken any day of the week!

For others who take on a more complicated approach would most likely pick the steak because of the complexity of the cooking and the quality of the meat and so many other factors. Was either of them wrong to have chosen one over the other? Well, definitely not! The thing about choosing for yourself is that there shouldn’t be any comparison to anything else. The less you compare, the easier it is to pick.

One way for you to be able to pick a career would be asking yourself direct questions like who do you want to become, where do you see yourself, and what do you want to do? These questions have different importance depending on our stand. Some people are more concerned about living a stress free life which would push them to a career that is solid but stable which allows them to do other things in life which they enjoy.

Others admire the competition and wan to chase after becoming the best! Last but no the least, some people are more concerned with where they want to be! A great example of this is the people who venture out of their country and migrate to another with the confidence of knowing that that is where they want to be. Ask yourself these three questions and find out which is more important.