Cancer Prevention 101: Healthy Habits You Should Adopt Now

Cancer is one of the most tragic words in the language. The number of people diagnosed with the disease has taken on an alarming surge over the recent years. In Singapore, for instance, roughly 37 people are diagnosed with cancer everyday according to the Singapore Cancer Society. No race, age bracket, or gender is safe from the disease — which only proves that Cancer strike almost anyone.

Though there hasn’t been discovered an ultimate cure to end cancer of all kinds, the good news is that there are many habits we can do throughout the day to reduce the risk of having this dreaded disease. This article will provide practical tips and strategies which can prevent many forms of cancer. If we decide to adopt these suggestions on the daily, these healthy behaviors may save our lives in the long run.

Have healthy meal options
Science made it clear how eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other fiber-rich plant produce like whole grains and beans, can lower the risk of cancer. Choosing a range of healthy produce in a rainbow of colors is highly recommended by dietitians since they are generally high in nutrients, fiber content, and antioxidants. These compounds are known to protect our cells from damage.

Clean air with houseplants
Surrounding your home with houseplants of various kinds eliminates the potential hazards found in the air you breathe. Plants such as golden pothos and spider plant filter out formaldehyde, a common compound associated with cancer which may cause adverse health risks to the body; while chrysanthemums and gerbera daisies remove benzene, a harmful chemical linked with leukemia and other cancers of blood cells, from the air.

Don’t stay idle for too long
Studies suggest that sitting idle for long stretches of time can actually increase the risk of cancer. Make an effort to stand up, stretch, or walk around every hour especially if you are fond of spending a lot of time in front of the TV or if you have a desk job. Be on the move, be active!

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D
Exposing your skin to a fair share of sun light for 15 minutes may give you the protection you need from acquiring this deadly disease. Various evidences suggest that Vitamin D is capable of reducing the risk of prostate and colon cancer, among other malignancies. Just be sure to soak up on that summer sun for a healthy amount of time!

Drink green tea
A number of scientific studies has published significant results regarding the reduced risk of cancer in avid tea drinkers. Green tea has been valued greatly in many Asian countries spanning for thousands of years because of the many healing powers it has. Due to its rich compounds, it has been suggested to reduce the risk of different kinds of cancer such as: breast, ovarian, colon, prostate, and lung cancer.