Benefits of Chocolate to Your Health

Most of Singaporeans love chocolate because it is hard to resist. The taste of chocolate melting in the mouth and the happy chemical it secretes are the reasons why it is hard to resist. For people with condition, resisting is more gruelling especially when their craving strikes. Regardless, chocolate is a common commodity used here in Singapore and thank God for its existence.


However, the largest chocolate makers in the world are warning about chocolate deficits in 2020. On November 15, 2014, a Bloomberg article revealed that two of the largest chocolate makers in the world – Barry Callebaut AG and Mars Inc. are seeing a shortage of supply. The reasons behind the shortage are drought and displacement of cacao by other more productive crops like rubber and corn.

According to Hershey Co., the United States is the largest market for chocolates. In 2017, the company sees the potential of China to be the second largest market for chocolates followed by India and Brazil. Singapore is not far behind.

The market will surely explore other possibilities to strengthen the presence of chocolate. Meanwhile, it is important that you know why many people love chocolates. Here are the health benefits of chocolate:


  • Reduce the risk of heart attack: Believe it or not, chocolates can reduce the risk of heart attack. Diane Becker, a researcher from John Hopkins University found out that a few squares a day of dark chocolate can help reduce the risk of heart attack. The study revealed that chocolates can help reduce blood clumping in the blood vessels which can lead to heart attack.
  • Increase insulin sensitivity: Researchers from Italy have recently found out that chocolate can actually increase insulin sensitivity. They revealed that insulin resistance (which is a risk factor for people with diabetes) was considerably lowered for those who eat dark or white chocolate.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: People with chronic fatigue can now deal with their condition with the help of chocolate. Researchers believe that dark chocolates have the power to enhance the neurotransmitters (like serotonin) that can regulate sleep and mood. This area needs to be researched further.

Researchers still explore the potential of chocolate. The health benefits mentioned above should give you enough reason to consume chocolate but you have to know that not all chocolate is created equal. What does this mean? Well, the flavonoids depend on the type of chocolate you consume. There are certain guidelines that you must follow: look for more nonfat cocoa solids because it is likely that it also contains more antioxidants.


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