Barbecue Catering Service Providers: What You Can Expect From Them

Although barbecue parties seem quite easy to organize, it actually entails a lot of planning before, during and after the affair. So if you’re planning on hosting a barbecue party and want it to be the best one yet, then your best option to achieve this is to hire a bbq catering service provider. The catering expertise of the barbecue caterers in Singapore is what you’ll need to throw an extraordinary and remarkable bbq party. If you’re hiring a bbq caterer, the following services are what you can expect to get from them.


1. Planning and Creating the Menu
Most bbq catering services use two different approaches, the set menus and the customizable ones, to create their client’s menu. Creating your menu is one of the services that you can expect to get from your caterer, regardless of the kind of menu that you’re planning to have.

Established catering companies in Singapore often incorporate their branding and catering style to the menus that they create for their clients. A gourmet bbq catering company, for instance, creates menus that stick to traditional barbecue style, while catering companies that specialize in French cuisine creates menus that focuses in French preparation methods and recipes.

2. Food Preparation
Other than creating your menu, you can also expect your catering company to take charge in preparing the food for your event. The bbq singapore comapny will be responsible for buying all the necessary ingredients for your satay party, cooking it on-site and serving it to your guests, à la carte or buffet style. Make sure though that your caterer will prepare your food according to the food safety and sanitation guidelines of the health department of Singapore.

3. Transporting the Food to the Venue
Transporting your food items to your venue on the scheduled time is another service that you can expect from your caterer. To ensure that the food you ordered will be delivered right on time, we suggest that you check on the vehicle that your caterer will be using to deliver your food. The vehicle should have enough space to contain chillers and warmers for dishes that needs to be kept warm or chilled.

Other food items can already be prepared beforehand, while some needs to be prepared on-site. Other than the delivery vehicle, your bbq catering service provider should also have the knowledge of proper food packing and storage techniques essential for an on-site catering job.


4. Setting Up the Outdoor Location
Aside from preparing and transporting your food items, catering service companies are also tasked to set-up the venue of the party. This includes setting up the chairs, tables, and placing labels on areas where guests should sit. Even if the location is already pre-arranged, they still have to rearrange the setting to make some room for the food serving area or create a buffet setting to allow guests to move freely and easily.

5. Event Coordination
There are instances when food is served while the affair is going on, and in these circumstances, your caterer will have to closely work with your event coordinator to ensure that the meals will be served on time without obstructing the event. Wedding receptions are an example of such circumstances. In such events, the servers are asked to serve the appetizers as guests arrive, but will be requested to leave the dining area when speeches and toasts are done.

6. Cleaning Up the Dining Setup
The last responsibility of most catering services to you, their client, is to clean up the dining area. All the plates, silverware, glasses, tables and chairs should be removed, linens piled, and garbage cleaned up. They should also be able to quickly pack up their thermal containers, serving equipment as well as the leftovers.


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