Art Stage Singapore

With a focus on Southeast Asian modern art, Art Stage Singapore and has won the patronage of artists, collectors and art lovers worldwide. In a recent event, Art Stage Singapore guessed 40,500 art enthusiasts who gave them opportunities for sales and relations.


We are Asia

We are Asia is the only international art fair that cores on the Asia Pacific and Southeast Asia. Last 2013, 131 galleries across the Asia and the world were brought out. Majority exhibitors are from Asia region which is 75% and 25% from leading international galleries. It shows its commitment to put Singapore and Southeast Asia as the center of art market.


The Innovator

The fair director himself. Lorenzo Rudolf, is also the founder of Art Stage Singapore. He is the former director of the renowned Art Basel and the pioneer for SH Contemporary in Shanghai and Art Basel Miami Beach. He keeps the art stage industry updated with international developments and practices which made him popular in the international art world.


A Constant Evolution

Art Stage Singapore believes that evolution is also important in this industry. The focus on Asia Pacific enhanced the presentation of the Indonesian Pavilion, Australian and Singaporean Platform. On 2013, it has organized more than 50 art tours and talks by artists not just to give benefit for entertainment furthermore to educate people about art with the help of NGOs such as SOTA (The School of the Arts) and the CCA (The Centre for Contemporary Art).

Art Stage Singapore always aims to come out with the finest Asian arts for its audiences.

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