Alkaline Water for Gout

Is severe joint pain usually wakes you up in the middle of the night? One of the possible reasons you’re experiencing this is gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs in the joints, particularly in the fingers and toes. Excessive amount of uric acid in the blood crystallizes in the joints as the kidneys cannot eliminate all of it. Your kidneys will have a hard time getting rid of the uric acid when other acidic substances are also present in your system. Not allowing it to go near your vital organs, your body converts the acid into crystals, which are then deposited in the joints.

Fortunately, it’s possible to help your kidney counteract the acidity level of your body. By regularly drinking alkaline water, you increase your body’s alkalinity and lessening the acidity level. Know why many doctors in Singapore recommend ionized water to their patients with gout.


Gout Attacks

After eating, your body starts working by first breaking down the purines, which requires production of uric acid. Purines can be found in foods, like anchovies, mushrooms, herring, asparagus, and meat organs. If your body functions the way it should be, the uric acid dissolves and gets flushed out of the body through your urine.

However, if your body produces too much uric acid, the acid builds up and gets stored in the body. Then, you are left with urate crystals, which look like needles, stored in your joints. They gradually build up in these areas and nearby tissues causing swelling, inflammation, and excruciating pain. You then must try alkaline water from Singapore to get rid of this problem If you experience sudden and intense pain in any of your joints, have it checked by a doctor. Not addressing it only intensifies the pain over time. If along with gout attacks you experience fever, and the joint is inflamed, get medical assistance right away—it could be that the gout is infected.

Treating Gout

Mild and manageable gout symptoms can be remedied at home. To relieve yourself of pain, focus on reducing your body’s acidity level by:

• Reducing intake of acidic foods and beverages; and
• Take measures to raise alkalinity of the body

Decreasing your acidic intake will prevent your kidneys from over-working, while raising your body’s alkaline level counteracts the level of acidity.

Increasing pH Level with Natural Method

As someone who suffers intense pain during gout attacks, you may not feel comfortable taking strong medications to relieve pain. Why fight one disease, and then deal with multiple side effects of the treatment later on? The side effects only add more discomfort to the existing pain. Rather than taking drugs, try a more natural approach in relieving gout attacks.

Perhaps, you may have tried drinking water with baking soda and lemon to raise your body’s pH level, neutralizing the acid that causes gout. While this natural method can provide relief, it is not for everyone. Due to the high sodium content found in baking soda, people who suffer from high blood pressure and kidney, liver, and heart disease may experience more critical side effects when they opt for this solution.

Safer Treatment with Alkaline Water

A more effective and much safer way to relieve gout pain in any patient is alkaline or ionized water.
If you have existing health condition or you just don’t enjoy drinking baking-soda-and-lemon water because of its awful taste, get yourself an alkaline water filter instead. Ionized water from a water filter has higher pH level than alkalized water with baking soda. Plus, it doesn’t change the water’s taste unlike the baking powder method.
With ionized water, you can make juices and smoothies, as well as use them in cooking food. Moreover, it contains powerful antioxidants that strengthen the immune system as it hydrates the cells and flushes out excess acid from your kidneys.


Benefits of Alkaline Water for Gout Patients

Alkaline water offers many health benefits with no side effects. Here are some of the many benefits of this miracle water that are essential for combating gout pains.

• Neutralizes the Body’s Acidity Level
As mentioned, too much acid in the blood causes gout. By drinking ionized water, you’re lowering your body’s acidity level, which helps a lot in combating gout attacks. Also, the negative ORP in ionized water is antioxidant, which helps the body get rid of acids, toxins, and free radicals.

• Eases Aches and Pains
Suffering chronic pain caused by gout attacks can be disabling. By drinking ionized water, you replenish the body’s alkalinity and fight the cause of gout. In result, the pain subsides and slowly diminishes. Likewise, other pains caused by chronic illnesses like cancer can also be remedied by taking alkaline water.

• Better Blood Circulation
Being an effective antioxidant, ionized water is abundant of elements that combine with unstable oxygen to turn them into healthier form of oxygen molecules, promoting better blood circulation.

• Hydrates the Body for Better Organ Function
When tap water goes through alkaline water filter, the water’s molecular cluster reduces by two-thirds, which means it has more mobility to penetrate cellular membranes. And when the potency of water easily and fully penetrates into every part of your system, organs function more efficiently and effectively.

Fighting gout pain with alkaline water is recommended by many health experts in Singapore and is proven to provide fast relief to patients. No more sleepless nights and inability to go to places due to excruciating joint pains. No more worrying about gout attacks when on travel and long holidays. Simply incorporate alkalized water into your daily diet, and you will enjoy a life free from gout every day.


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