A Guide to Cleaning the House Properly

Suffice to say that a clean house benefits the whole of the household. There are times that we are too busy to even care about our environment but we should give time cleaning our house. Aside from time, cleaning the house is also very tiring. We should not see cleaning that way. Cleaning the house is fun if we see the point.


Here’s a guide:

Set a schedule

Cleaning the house requires our undivided attention if we want to finish early. A thorough cleaning will cost us a day or two. To make things quick, it is good to delegate tasks among family members. Promoting a clean environment can keep the family healthy so it is only right to invest our time and effort. If we are that busy, it is good to do quick cleaning like sweeping and mopping but we should schedule a regular “general” cleaning day.

Cleaning is more fun with the family around.

Decide where to start

If we are alone, it is best to decide which part to start. It will be easier to clean one part at a time. Leave nothing unclean. If it is hard to do all things alone, we can always hire someone to help us.


Prepare the tools needed

Of course we need tools like mops, brooms, all purpose cleaners and vacuums. Carpets, draperies and beds should be cleaned with the use of vacuums to get rid of dust, dirt and mites. Wooden furniture and mirrors should be wiped and polished thoroughly to achieve that shiny and sparkling look. We should also wash the dishes and laundry our clothes. There’s floor, wall and ceiling to take care of. Let us not forget our backyard or our lawn too.

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