5 Easy Steps on How to Prepare for Childbirth


After enduring nine months of pregnancy, you are finally ready to pop! Overwhelming as it may sound, be rest assured that women are naturally designed to give birth. With all the available hospital care and technology, all you have to do is follow these easy steps to prepare yourself to the joyous experience of giving birth:


  • Ask around. Women who have experienced giving birth are always more than willing to share their labor stories in great details. While it is true that each experience is unique, knowing the different possibilities will widen your perspective and give you different expectations.


  • Exercise. Doing exercises by 15-20 minute walk per day is healthy for you and the baby. You can do this in the parks, in the malls or even in your apartment. If you have a healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, walking up and down the stairs is also recommended by doctors just as long as you take extra care. This will increase your chance of a smooth and normal delivery.


  • Fill-up birthplan. Most hospitals in Singapore give you the option to fill-up a birthplan. You can discuss this with your doctor prior to your delivery day. This will be the guide of the medical staff who will be attending to you on your specific choices in giving birth. You will be surprised with the various choices you can make on giving birth. And since there is a slim chance you can think straight while having labor pains, complete your birthplan while you are still logical and able to think clearly!


  • Prepare hospital bag. Preparing cute onesies for the coming of your little one is exciting and fun. Be sure though to include the essentials – diapers, blankets, and breastfeeding paraphernalia, to name a few. You must have your hospital bag ready on your 36th week because your little one will definitely come, unannounced!


  • Breathe. Once everything is settled, there’s nothing left to do but breathe and wait. Babies will come out in their own time. While waiting for the symptoms indicated by your doctor on the initial phase of childbirth, you can pass time by watching movies, reading books or whatever activity that pleases you. When you feel impatient, just think that you have already survived the nine months of waiting for your bundle of joy, thus a few days or so is an easy thing to bear!


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