4 Essential Tips to Gracefully Survive a Hectic Day at Work  

24 hours is all we have in a day, but with the demands of work we wish we have more. Especially when everything at work seems so hectic and busy, it can get the best of us and put our mood and performance at stake. Don’t fear though, these tips will help you survive those frenzied days so you’ll always stay graceful even under pressure.


  1. Prioritize

It’s better to focus on doing one thing rather than working on two or more at once. Evaluate the things you have to do and work on more urgent tasks first. Dividing your attention to be able to do multiple tasks at the same time is more stressful than focusing on just one.

  1. Take a Full Lunch Break

While a working lunch break seems a good idea to tick extra work off your to-do list, it can actually make you feel sluggish later in the day and thus delay you along the way. After having your meal, socialize with co-workers, get some perspective, or just relax. Take advantage of this time to oxygenate your brain and rest your thoughts for a while.


  1. Avoid Distractions

And by distractions, we mean social networks. Just allot five minutes each hour to check your Facebook, Twitter, and your personal email. Allocating time specific time for these things is much better than randomly logging in and then realizing you lost track of time while checking updates and non-sense tweets.

  1. Choose an Upbeat Ringtone

If your job requires over-usage of phone, a standard ring tone can make you feel more stressed out every time someone calls. The trick? Pick a feel-good song, a funny tune, or a simple soothing nature sound as your ringtone. Change it regularly though so you won’t get fed up with it overtime.

There are actually a lot of ways to reduce stress level at work, and these are just a few of the simplest ones you can do. While it’s not easy to change your routine, these minor improvements can be made to make hectic work hours less stressful.stock-footage-brunette-woman-answering-the-phone-at-work

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