Workout Has Never Been This Intense

This is for all the gym buffs out there! Have you already achieved the ideal physique you’ve been working so hard for? Have you already sculpted those muscles up to your standard? Or do you simply want to try a new workout that will help you build more endurance? Well if your answer to the first two questions is no and if you’re actually looking for a new workout better consider the phenomenal workout, CrossFit.


For a brief overview of CrossFit, here are some quick facts. It was started by Greg Glassman in America in 2000. The routines involved in this workout incorporate powerlifting, high-intensity interval training (short, intense workouts), plyometrics (jump training), and strongman exercises (tire flips, sled drags, object loading or carrying) among other exercises.

However, it was still a few years later when Singapore finally joined in this craze. One of the pioneers was CrossFit Singapore. It was established on May 1st, 2009 and was owned by Coach Kevin who was also the Director and Head Coach. Being the first legitimate CrossFit affiliate in the country, they have already produced more than 30 CrossFit Level 1 Trainers.


And since CrossFit is basically a principal strength and conditioning program, anyone who has the commitment to endure such a routine is fit to join, regardless if you’re a soldier or an average worker, a man or a woman. If you’re interested to try this intense workout, you could enrol in CrossFit Singapore’s monthly Fundamental Classes. However, all those who are new to CrossFit regardless of fitness background will still be required to complete 3 Compulsory Fundamental Classes, costing $300, before being allowed to join the usual Workout of the Day Classes. Walk-ins are not allowed though, so booking and registration is required. To book a slot, you could check out their official site at

Enrolling in this intense workout program might seem frightening and intimidating but you don’t need to fear because although CrossFit Singapore is dead serious at training their students to get into their best shape, they are still very much dedicated to making it a fun experience for everyone. So, overcome your fears and welcome a new self that’s fitter and stronger!


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