What Does a Man’s Finger Tell about Him?  

Men here in Singapore do not pay much attention whether their index finger is shorter than their ring finger. Well, we have to know that the length of the index finger and ring finger says a lot about a man. Men ignore their fingers but at the end of the day, they can get hints about their intellect, personality and physiology.


So, what does a man’s finger tell about him? Here’s an idea:

  • Being nice to women: According to Personality and Individual Differences Journal, there is a relation between the length of the man’s fingers and how he treats women. Men with shorter index fingers and longer ring fingers are nicer towards women. The journal will be published this March.
  • Facial attractiveness: There is another journal in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B published in 2011 saying that men who have smaller index finger than their ring finger may have more fetching faces or looks.


  • College Admission Exams: The length of the finger can be associated to intellect. This also holds true for women as well. In a study published by the British Journal of Psychology in 2007, men and women whose index fingers are shorter than their ring fingers aced the college admission exams.
  • Prostate cancer possibility: So far, the things mentioned above are good things for men who have shorter index fingers than their ring fingers but it can also present a possibility of prostate cancer. According to the British Journal of Cancer published in 2010, men with shorter index fingers than their ring fingers may have higher risk of prostate cancer. To be sure, men can always have a screening. There are many hospitals here in Singapore that can help them.


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