TripAdvisor’s Favorite Zoos  


Zoos are important because it educates our children about animals and more importantly, zoos teach our children about respect. There are many zoos in the world but there are only few which made it to the TripAdvisor’s list of the most favorite zoos around the world.


TripAdvisor recently released their Travelers’ Choice Awards for favorite zoos. Here’s the list:

  • San Diego Zoo: San Diego Zoo maintained its glory for it is still the number one most favorite zoos in the world.
  • Loro Parque: Loro Parque is Spain’s pride at number two.
  • Singapore Zoo: There is no contention about Singapore Zoo being number three. If improvements are made, it is possible that our zoo will top the most favorite zoos in the world.
  • Prague Zoo: Prague is not only a city of love but also a city with the fourth most favorite zoos. Prague is in Czech Republic.


  • Tiergarten SchoenbrunnZoo Vienna: Tiergarten Schoenbrunn is in Austria and it is at number five.
  • Henry Doorly Zoo: Henry Doorly Zoo is in Nebraska and it at number six.
  • Chester Zoo: Chester Zoo is in United Kingdom and it is at number seven.
  • St Louis Zoo: St Louis Zoo is at number eight.
  • Zoological Wildlife Foundation: This zoo is at Miami and it is at number nine.
  • ZooParc de Beauval: This zoo is in Saint Aignan, France. The zoo made it to top ten.

For the zoos that are not chosen, there are still plenty of time to improve and make names. These zoos are chosen based on worldwide reviews over a twelve-month period.


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