The Importance of Learning New Skills

Why should we invest our time in learning something new every once in a while? Well, this is because it is part of our humanity. Whether we like it or not, our brains are designed to absorb information every single day. This begs another question as to what we actually feed our brain. There’s a saying that goes garbage in garbage out and this is very true.

The information we build upon depends on the information we feed our brain. This is very evident in children. Feeding your children with positive information like bright colors, cartoons, and etcetera can definitely contribute to a healthy childhood. Get the picture? Well, here’s the thing, nursery rhymes are designed to be sung in a positive tone to effect children with positivity.

Studies show that it isn’t healthy to have a child be exposed to negative or inappropriate material at a young age. This is why you shouldn’t shout at children as the volume of your voice goes way beyond the comfortable level of volume they are used to hear which causes stress. Let’s say that instead of watching commercials, we watch documentaries. Watching commercials still feed our mind! Commercials are designed to feed you information about the company they are advertising.

Commercials provide you with the sufficient information to spike your interest towards the company. Documentaries on the other hand are obviously dedicated to different topics spending a huge amount of time and effort on research and compiling their findings. Whichever of the two you choose to watch, you are learning something new either way. When it comes to our skills, they are developed through hobbies.

Collecting healthy hobbies around definitely builds a better person. After all, we are defined by our routine. We don’t call an engineer who likes to paint an engineer, we call him a student. Hobbies and routines are important but if they are so important, why should we learn a new skill every once and then? This is because learning a different skill sharpens our brain and our ability to learn.

Learning itself is a skill! Some people learn more than others and that is because they have better learning skills than others. Some of them are just naturally skilled learners while others are a product of immense practice. We should definitely sharpen our learning skills. Even if it is about learning origami, this helps us not only expand our mind but also sharpen our rusted learning skills.

Besides, learning something new is fun isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if it is a sport, a musical instrument, or whatever, learning is important. Spend your time learning instead of admiring. Admiration is good but sometimes it sucks away the urge to actually move. By the way, did you know that too much dreaming is bad for you? We’re talking about day dreaming.

When you are daydreaming, your body secretes dopamine which is a chemical that gives you the feeling of accomplishment. What happens when you do this on a regular basis? The more you feel the feeling of accomplishment, the less hungry you are to actually accomplish things. Why settle for just a dream if you could work your way through to the real thing? Why dream of becoming an amazing guitar player when you can actually become one?