The Golden Rules of Applying Lip Liner

When lined well, a lip liner can perfectly flatter your lips and make it more attractive. However, the product can make it obvious that you are wearing makeup when applied incorrectly. Overdrawn lines can look harsh and unflattering, which is why it’s important to keep it subtle. Your lips look younger, fuller, and more defined this way.

Rigid lip lines are a No-no! There’s no excuse for overdrawing the rim of your lips, too. You just need to practice and improve your lip liner application skills. To maximize the benefits of your lip liner, here are some golden rules you must always keep in mind when applying the product!

1. Use liners that are lighter than your lipstick shade.
Remember that your liner must always be a shade darker than the natural color of your lips, but it must also be a shade lighter than your lipstick color of choice. The contrast will be hideous if otherwise! If you’re looking for a safe bet, you can go with a neutral-colored natural liner. Look for neutrals, since they are enough to match varying shades of lipstick.

2. Avoid overdrawing your lip lines.
Avoid overdrawn and rigid lip lines at all costs! We can’t stress this enough. You are better off not heading outside with overdrawn lines. Keep in mind that the use of your lip liner is to enhance the look and shape of your lips, and not to overly exaggerate your pucker. To ensure you don’t go overboard, start off by tracing your lip line and decide if drawing ever so slightly above it is good – just to add that extra fullness!

3. Make sure your lips are properly scrubbed off.
To achieve full and rich lips, make sure your lips are properly exfoliated. Take an old toothbrush, apply some Vaseline on your lips, and use the brush to scrub your lips gently. Doing so gets rid of the dead, flaky skin on your lips. It also makes your lips softer and conditions the lips ready for lip liner and lipstick application.

4. Allow your lip liner to multitask.
Your trusty lip liner can both act as a definer and a lipstick. Not only does it give the shape of your lips a nice detail, but it also gives your lips that beautiful, matte color. Several lip liners sold in the market now come in crayon-like tips, and it is versatile enough to serve as your only lip product for the entire night! The next time you grab some drink with your girls, you’ll be just fine with your lip liner in your pouch.

5. If you don’t have a lip liner with you, improvise!
You don’t always have to rely on a lip liner to give your lips a touch of nice detail. Instead, just make use of the products available to you. If your lip liner is nowhere to be found, grab a lipstick brush and use your lipstick in place of a lip liner. The results are just the same as when you use an actual lip liner.