The Art of Home Scents  


What are homes supposed to smell like? There are different scents in our homes. In the morning, we smell freshly brewed coffee and at night we smell fresh laundry. Yeah, that smells like home. When we go to other homes, the smell is different too but one thing is certain – homes always smell good.


What drives us to come home early and look forward to enjoying its comforts? Returning to a nice-smelling home is the answer. According to interior designers, home fragrances are the icing of home luxury. The good news is that this luxury does not cost a fortune.

Many Singaporean home owners purchase home fragrances these days. Home fragrances these days are not boring at all. From simple room sprays to candles, the industry provides wide range of selections. If we are not sure what to consider, here’s a start:

  • Plug-in Diffuser: For our everyday use, plug-in diffusers fights household odours from cooking and pets effectively. We can consider Young Livings Dewdrop Plug-in Diffuser. Their diffuser does not only give scent but it can also serve as a humidifier.


  • Lavender Home Fragrance Spray: If we want to transform our room to an outdoor haven, we can consider lavender sprays. This is particularly convenient if we do not have time to light candles. Unlike other fragrances, lavender is not that overpowering. Try the spray from Crabtree & Evelyn.
  • Perfumed Sachets: If we want to do away with diffusers, fragrance sprays or traditional candles, perfumed sachets is a good choice. Perfumed sachets are available at LOccitane. Their aromachologie relaxing perfumed sachets contain dried lavender and scented with oils that release a soothing fragrance.

For more choices, we should head to the nearest home improvement stores and indulge in fragrances.


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