Teaching Teens How to Deal with Peer Pressure

You were a teenager once. You know what peer pressure means. It is only normal to identify yourself with a peer group but what is not normal is doing what they are doing even if you think that that is not good, right? You should tell that to your teens. You should always remind our teens to shy away from peer pressure by:


Being Prepared

You should teach your teen to be prepared to say ‘no’. They should be ready to say ‘no’ so when the time comes. For example, if they are offered with a cigarette or a liquor, they can simply decline and say ‘no’ firmly.

Avoiding It

The best way to deal with peer pressure is avoiding it. You should advice your kids to stay away from the places that make them uncomfortable.

Being Proud

Tell your teens that if they are proud of what they do and what they are, they do not need other people telling them what to do and what not to do especially if it is their peers. You can teach them to say “no thanks” for a start.



Standing Up

If you teach your teens to stand up especially if something is not right, they will surely not get into trouble. Encourage your kids to stand up for what is right instead of turning a blind eye.

We should not see all peer groups bad influence because there are other peer groups who encourage good things like helping others, studying together and many more. As a parent, you should always pray and wish that your teens find the right group of people who can create a positive impact in their life.

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