Precautions Against Dengue

There is no vaccine for the prevention of dengue. When we have dengue, we need to submit to hospitalization. Emergency treatments like blood transfusions, electrolyte replacement and IV fluids should be done.


We can still do something about dengue. The National Environment Agency has released guidelines that every household in the community should follow to curb dengue cases. NEA firmly stresses that the breeding ground should be destroyed. The dengue carrier, Aedes mosquito is distinguishable for its black and white stripes. We should do our best to get rid of stagnant water. If we have containers or water, the best thing to do is cover it or spill the water. Any water accumulating containers should be covered if not turned over.

Some people never feel the threat of dengue fever because they thought that mosquitoes are harmless. They may be little but one bite can bring death. It is important that we know something about dengue so when it happens, we will know what to do. Singapore has firm initiatives and programs against dengue. The government is doing its best to curb this infectious because before it can bring more deaths in the community.


As a concerned citizen, we should do our best so help and support the government. The Singapore government did its part, now it is time for our part. We can begin by cleaning or securing our environment free from mosquitoes. Not only that, we can spread the information and we can spread awareness to other people. That is the biggest thing we can contribute.



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