Parents’ Guide to Keeping Children Safe at Amusement Parks


Amusement parks are created to bring joy and fun but somehow it brought nightmare to parents of a two year old boy in Orlando, Florida. The boy was pulled by a wild alligator near the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney World. The father wrestled with the alligator but he is no match. This situation is very disheartening.


Parents should be serious when it comes to staying safe at amusement parks. There are no safe moments when you are in an amusement park. Here in Singapore, there are many amusement parks and it is always pays to be vigilant. Here’s your guide to staying safe at amusement parks:

  • Obey park rules: This sounds like a no-brainer thing but it can be the difference between staying safe and being in danger. Most of theme park accidents occur because some parents flout rules or ignoring warnings. Parents, of all people, should learn how to follow posted sights and other rules because they are designed to keep everyone safe.


  • Keep eyes open: The basic park practice that you should seriously consider is keeping your eyes open. It is sometimes hard to have fun when you have other things to worry but looking after the kids should be your priority. If you want to have fun, you have to visit the park alone and not bring your kids. Before you go to amusement parks, orient your kids on what to do in case they got separated like pointing out safe places and showing park security.


  • Respect water: If your family is thinking about a water park, you have to be more vigilant and respect the power of water. Water is very dangerous if no precautions are at place. You have to bring life vests if possible. If you do not have life vest, the park will provide it for you. Also factor in your child’s swimming abilities. Aside from life vests, bring sunscreen and make sure to reapply it every now and then.


  • Take breaks: If you are considering high-speed rides, you have to take breaks. You have to know that these rides will take a toll on your body how much more on young bodies. According to doctors, the sudden jerky movements not to mention gravitational forces will strain joints and necks. Just take at least 10 to 15 minutes of break.


  • Be smart with your drink and foods: If it is the summer season, it is imperative that you stay hydrated. Drink lots of water before you head to the nearest amusement parks. Excitement will make you sweaty that is why you need to stay hydrated. Avoid caffeine too and candies.


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