Keeping Your Contemporary Art Longer

Owning an original piece of artwork can be considered as a price possession. Possessing a painting is very easy but preserving its beauty and luster is very difficult most especially when it is an oil-based type of painting. Preserving the original appearance and beauty of an oil painting is difficult to sustain especially when several years have passed by since it was first created. An oil painting is much more tricky to preserve compared to acrylic and other types of paint mediums. Here are the five simple ways in which you can preserve the natural beauty of your most treasured oil painting:


1. Avoid too much exposure to light
Art experts in Singapore suggests that vinci art oil paintings should avoid getting too much light and darkness since it can easily cause the darkening and fading of the painting. If you want to preserve the beauty of the artwork, avoid placing it on places wherein it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, avoid placing the painting near your electrical lights since it can also cause damage to the painting.

2. Don’t hide your painting for long periods
Artworks that are mainly composed of oil paint such as vinci contemporary art in Singapore should not be stored in dark places for a prolonged timeframe. If paintings are kept in a dark place, the tendency is that the painting would become a whole lot darker over time in Singapore.


3. Watch out for high temperature and humidity
When there is sudden changes on the humidity and temperature, the canvas and wood can become affected which may cause the painting to expand or contract. The sudden contraction or expansion of the canvass may cause damage to the contemporary painting. Always remember that in Singapore the canvass and the wood are capable of absorbing the moisture that is the main cause of the expansion. Contraction of the canvass as well as the wood usually happens during dry days while expansion occurs during humid days.

4. Handle oil paintings with care
When you are planning to relocate your vinci contemporary art oil painting from Singapore, always remember to hold both sides of the painting. Keep in mind to avoid grasping the top of the painting. Avoid bumping the edges of the paint when you are attempting to place it another location because even a slightest bump may case cracking on the surface of the artwork.

5. Keep the dirt off
Experts in Singapore suggest that when your contemporary artwork has dirt on its surface, always clean it immediately since it can attract pollutants, moisture, and molds on the painting. Oil painting Singapore is always kept away from the windows, fireplace, and candles.


6. Carefully clean your artworks
It is essential to wipe off the dust and other pollutants on the oil based painting. You may use a soft fabric to lightly wipe of the dirt. The use of micro-fiber cloth and anti-static types of cloth has gain prominence in cleaning oil painting. You may use a distilled water to dampen the cloth. Distilled water is advisable since you can assure that there would be no chemicals that would react to the components of the paint.

Getting Live Music for Your Wedding

Make your wedding special by hiring Singapore wedding live band to entertain you and your guests on your wedding reception. Having a live band on your wedding celebration is not just about having great music—it’s also about having live performance for everybody to watch. Everyone will surely enjoy watching live performances rather than listening to songs coming out from an iPod. Step up and make your wedding day unforgettable by getting live music for your wedding.


Dinner and Cocktail Hour
Once the wedding date has been fixed, immediately start searching for the right wedding live band Singapore. You should be able to book them as soon as possible because like other wedding vendors, best wedding live bands get easily booked up over a year in advance.
For dinner and cocktail hour music, it is best to have wedding live music with low volume or just enough for background music. You want a relaxing ambiance for everybody during this hour. To achieve this, decide on these following matters:
• Strictly instrumental or with light vocals?
• Classical music or popular jazz? Or both?

Next thing you have to consider is the number of musicians. Most common options for these are quartets, trios, duos or soloists. Instruments of these wedding live band musicians are can either be or a combination of guitar (electric and acoustic), harp, steel percussion and keyboard. Just remember that before finalizing everything about your wedding live band, make sure to ask your reception venue in charge about any noise restrictions or requirements.

Dance Music
After dinner and all the Singapore reception ceremony, it’s time for everyone to party! This is the most crucial part of your wedding reception. A well-planned wedding reception party with a good live band singapore will create great memories that everyone will always remember, while the poorly-planned ones will send everybody home earlier than expected. That’s why it is really important to get the right wedding band to keep your guests happy and entertained. To have the best wedding celebration, here are the factors in choosing a wedding band.

• Type of wedding live music: rock, country, hip hop, R&B, jazz, or a mix of everything?
• Logistics: The size and shape of the dance floor for the musicians and band’s equipment? Stage area? Venue’s closing time? If outdoor event, weather conditions?
• Specifics: Male or female vocals? Guitars, strings and horns? Or button boxes and accordions? Real entertainment or restrained performance?


Finding Musicians in Singapore
You can start looking for your live band from your family or friends’ referrals. You can even ask different wedding vendors since they have worked with several clients who have hired live bands for their wedding live music. You can also visit wedding live band booking agencies for lists of Singapore wedding live band. If you want to hassle live band searching, browse the web and look for the best wedding bands around the locality.

Once you have chosen your top 4 or 5 Singapore performers, start calling each of them to check their pricing and availability. Ask for their official website and video samples. Experienced and reputable performers do have these basic requirements for their client’s references. Also inquire if you can watch one of their live performances to personally assess their skills. Furthermore, ask for testimonials or recommendation letters from past clients.

A Guide to Cleaning the House Properly

Suffice to say that a clean house benefits the whole of the household. There are times that we are too busy to even care about our environment but we should give time cleaning our house. Aside from time, cleaning the house is also very tiring. We should not see cleaning that way. Cleaning the house is fun if we see the point.


Here’s a guide:

Set a schedule

Cleaning the house requires our undivided attention if we want to finish early. A thorough cleaning will cost us a day or two. To make things quick, it is good to delegate tasks among family members. Promoting a clean environment can keep the family healthy so it is only right to invest our time and effort. If we are that busy, it is good to do quick cleaning like sweeping and mopping but we should schedule a regular “general” cleaning day.

Cleaning is more fun with the family around.

Decide where to start

If we are alone, it is best to decide which part to start. It will be easier to clean one part at a time. Leave nothing unclean. If it is hard to do all things alone, we can always hire someone to help us.


Prepare the tools needed

Of course we need tools like mops, brooms, all purpose cleaners and vacuums. Carpets, draperies and beds should be cleaned with the use of vacuums to get rid of dust, dirt and mites. Wooden furniture and mirrors should be wiped and polished thoroughly to achieve that shiny and sparkling look. We should also wash the dishes and laundry our clothes. There’s floor, wall and ceiling to take care of. Let us not forget our backyard or our lawn too.

What You Need to Know About Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the most common killer not only in America but around the world. Heart diseases impair the heart’s ability to function well. There are many forms of heart disease to include coronary artery disease, heart failure, congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and many others. We hear that only old people are prone to heart diseases but we heard wrong. Anyone can be a victim- man, woman, young and old. But it is avoidable or treatable if we really want to.


We should get acquainted with the risk factors involving a heart disease. Some are inherited and some are acquirable but treatable. There is family history to consider, the age, other underlying disease like diabetes, overweight, smoking, hypertension, sedentary or stressful way of life and high cholesterol level. Now that we know the risk factors, it is time to discuss how to control it.

Set a doctor’s appointment

Doctor’s will recommend regular checkups and series of screenings to monitor our heart disease this way, we can prevent possible complications. They will also prescribe some drugs that can help us feel better. We should always follow the doctor’s words or it will cause us our life.


Deliberately change your lifestyle

It is pointed out many times that the lifestyle we have contributes to our wellness or sickness. If we want to live long and enjoy life, we should at least take care of our body. Abandoning our current lifestyle is not easy but it should be encouraged. Let us begin by eating healthy foods and perform regular exercise.

Reduce stress and think of happy things

Stress should be avoided as much as possible. Stress can cause many diseases in general so if we don’t want to attract other diseases aside from what we have, let us not get influenced. Being happy is useful too!

Fight Childhood Obesity

Researches show that kids these days have higher risks of acquiring heart complications and weight related ailments when they age 30 and above. The presence of television and computer games stop the child from doing active activities that could actually help develop healthy lifestyle. If this unhealthy habit won’t be prevented, it may lead to obesity. Experts said that preventing childhood obesity starts at home with the assistance of parents. And to start a healthy living with your kids, here are 4 simple ways on how to fight childhood obesity.

1.   Fresh Fruit Drinks and Water. Avoid storing canned and bottled fruit juices in your fridge. Processed fruit drinks still contain large amount of calories. Squeeze fresh fruits for fruit drinks or have water instead. Encourage everyone to drink healthy beverages at home. When going out, bring bottled water to quench the thirst.

2.   Keep Healthy Foods within Range. Place a basket of fruits, like apples and grapes, or anything that doesn’t require too much peeling, over your dining table or store freshly pureed fruits and fruit shakes in reachable areas inside the fridge. By that, they can always reach for something healthy whenever they feel like eating.

3.   Be Active. Go biking, play at the park, or maybe a camping trip with the whole family. It’s not only the kids who will get the benefit of being active, but you as well. You will not only get healthier body and mind, but also a healthier family ties.

4.   Be a Role Model. You are your kids’ role model. Your kids view everything you do as important, whether it’s good or bad. Hence, if you want healthier lifestyle for your children, be a good model, show them how to. It’s always easier to follow words with actions.

Backpacking in Singapore

A one-day visit in Singapore is absolutely not enough for one to see all the wonders the island nation has to offer. Truly, there are countless reasons why tourists keep coming back to the Lion City.

Singapore Night Safari

One of the places to go to is this one-of-kind zoo. It is out of the ordinary simply because it is the first nocturnal zoo in the whole world. Situated at Mandai Lake Road, Night Safari is a tourist attraction for all ages. Be sure to see the twenty-minute Creatures of the Night Show, an animal extravaganza that features nocturnal animals and their skills and behaviours.

China Town

This is one of the most visited places in Singapore. Here you can satisfy your cravings of Chinese and Singaporean food as hawker stalls and bars are abundant in the place. Make sure to bring a handy camera with you as you might want to take snapshots of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore’s oldest Hindu Temple.

Little India

Your stay in Singapore will never be complete without visiting the one of the city’s most colourful commercial centres—Little India. It is where you can find shophouses or those gaily painted buildings that are usually consisted of two or three floors, with the ground floor being a shop and the upper floors being a place of residence. These shophouses are icons of Singapore.

Clarke Quay

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the city is Clarke Quay. If you want to see and experience for yourself a pulsating nightlife scene before you fly back to where you come from, this place will surely give you what you are looking for as there are plenty of nightclubs and bars that sprawl over the quay.

Gift Ideas for Football Fanatic

Football is a popular sport which lots of men love to watch, and they too, like girls, can get overly fanatical to their favourite sport. They have their own choices of favourite teams and favourite players. Match their love for the sport with these football-related gifts and you’ll have the perfect gift for all occasions.

Football Tickets – Buy tickets for the upcoming football game of the season. Your football fanatic won’t mind whether it’s a ticket for his favourite professional team’s game or a play of his favourite local team. Most football fanatics prefer to watch the game live so it really doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive you bought the ticket.

Team Apparel – Buy him a shirt, jacket or cap that has his favourite team’s seal on it. There are some high schools in the locality selling clothing items to raise profits for their team. The prices vary depending on the team involved and the apparel.

Sports MemorabiliaAn autographed football from his favourite team or a rookie card from his favourite star player will surely make his heart jump. You can also opt for a miniature of a pro football player or a replica helmet worn by his favourite team. Whatever choice you opt for, he’s sure to love it.

Football Magazine SubscriptionIf you’re unsure of his favourite team, you can purchase him a monthly magazine subscription. He will surely want to keep every bit of information of all the teams of his favourite game.

Upgraded Cable PackageGive your dad, husband, or boyfriend an upgraded cable that has 24/7 football game telecast. This can be a great idea if he can’t go to his favourite team’s game. The live telecast coverage would still deliver the same excitement for him.

Shopping in Orchard Road

Singaporeans love shopping as much as they love eating. Orchard Road, for example, is an area where people and tourists alike with the heart for food and shopping can find everything that will delight them.

A Myriad of Shopping Malls

Orchard Road is dubbed as the Lion City’s retail and entertainment centre. As the iconic shopping belt in the city, it is the home of many shopping malls including The Centrepoint, Tanglin Mall, Lucky Plaza, Plaza Singapura, and Wisma Atria. Not only that, you can also find Orchard Central, Palais Renaissance, Mandarin Gallery, Ngee Ann City, ION Orchard, and many more.

With the myriad of shopping malls, boutiques and shops all contained in a span of 2.2 kilometre-long street, Orchard Road can definitely awaken and delight every shopaholic.

Orchard Road in the Old Times

Since the time that it was developed, Orchard Road has been unstoppable from improving in giving Singaporeans and tourists an exquisite shopping experience. Indeed, the atmosphere in this famous shopping centre was never dull. The shopping activity is always vibrant and one can really notice that the business industry here is dynamic, which becomes a reason why Singapore is known as a shopping paradise.

Going back to 1830s, Orchard Road was then a place lined with pepper farms, nutmeg plantations, and fruit orchards. However, in the first part of 19th century, these farms, plantations, and orchards started to make way for civilization. Slowly, the road was occupied with wet markets, hawker centres, as well as residential development.

In 1958, the first department store in Orchard Road was opened. More than a decade after, shopping malls such as Plaza Singapura and Tang Plaza were opened, thus paving the way for other shopping malls. Through the years, Orchard Road was filled with countless shopping malls, making it the well-known shopping district in the city today.

Tips in Buying a New Car

Arm yourself with the right knowledge about buying a car, and you’ll surely get the ride you want, equipped with all the accessories of your liking, at a reasonable price. Once you have decided on the type and size of the car to purchase, follow these 5 simple tips for a smooth car-purchasing transaction.

1.   Know the “invoice” cost. This is one of the key points a car buyer has to know. The “invoice” is the car’s cost paid by the dealer. Be sure to get the latest invoice cost and haggle up from there, not down from the car’s sticker price.

2.   Bargain. Now that you already know the invoice and sticker cost, you will now have a better knowledge of your negotiation room.  Ask the dealer for their lowest mark-up and start negotiating from the invoice price up to the lowest mark-up price.


3.   Be wary of worthless, overly priced services. Watch for extra fees that add up to the car’s sticker price. The salesperson may try to sell you rustproofing, undercoating, windshield etching, extended warranty, fabric protection, etc. These services are all overpriced and worthless, and can save you hundreds of dollars if not included in your terms and agreements.

4.   Trade-in. Don’t mention this until you’ve already agreed on a fixed price. But when it’s time to bring this up, be sure to know your trade-ins worth. Search the internet or ask different dealerships for your trade-ins current cost.

5.   Don’t skip the test drive. Take that new car out for a spin. Take time in inspecting the vehicle’s environment. Make sure it’s comfortable and the car controls are easy for you to handle. You’ll be with this car for years, so it’s okay to be extra cautious.

Choosing Colours for Your Home Interior Painting

Colour can make or break your home. It can add life and character, show your personality, or can revamp your place. Determine what pieces of the room you would like to highlight, perhaps you would want to show off your vintage flower vase or the elegant chaise longue next to that large windowpane. Whatever it may be, choose the right colours to help enhance the overall interior beauty of your home.

Bold Colours. For homeowners who love the power of contrast, have 2 entirely different paint colours in a single room. Just make sure that the 2 colours complement each other. For instance, paint the room walls with warm amber and your sitting area with red. For smaller rooms, have two slightly different shades to make an impression of extended spaces.

Subtle Look. If you want to put subtle emphasis on some portions of the house, choose a shade darker or a shade lighter from your primary wall colours for your home’s doorways. The subtle shift of colour will definitely catch the viewer’s eyes without making strong changes on the colours used.

Lights Influence Colours. One characteristic of colours is their ability change shade as the light changes. Incandescent, fluorescent and natural light can influence the natural colour of your home’s interior. That’s why choosing a home interior paint shouldn’t be rushed. The best thing you can do is to paint try painting small area of your house’s wall and observe the changes for 24 to 48 hours. Check the changes of colour shades and make sure that you’re satisfied with every effect.