Oppo R5: The Slimmest Smartphone  

One of the characteristics people look for in choosing a smartphone is its compactness.  The lighter and slimmer it is, the better. In the present, the thinnest smartphone in the world is the Oppo R5. This smartphone is only 4.85 millimeters thin, definitely slimmer than the iPhone 6 which is at 6.9 mm.


The Oppo R5 is a very attractive piece. It is made up of polished aluminum alloy and has a special liquid-metal cooling components inside to avoid the device from overheating when the processors are used extensively.

The screen is also very impressive because it is made up of Adreno 405 graphics accelerator that is the newest type in its generation. Its screen is a 5.2 inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080p.

It houses a notable 13MP rear camera that has a refocus mode, a slow shutter mode, and functions well even in low-light situations. The front camera is 5MP, still perfect for taking selfies.Oppo-R5_fonearena-05

So far, the Oppo R5 has been impressive in its physical features however, is it really that important to use a mobile device that’s very thin? The downside of this smartphone is that because of its slimness, it will feel too delicate and angular when held. The device seems more fragile and requires more careful handling.

Because of its thinness, Oppo has to sacrifice other important features like a microSD card slot and a 3.5mm audio jack. The battery is also of low-capacity, easily draining after a few hours of use.

As a whole, the main feature that Oppo R5 can boast of is its sleek and stylish design. It is timeless and compact, something that you would expect a high class smartphone to look like.oppor503

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