Menu Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

Planning your dream wedding is not easy but you should expect good times. Planning the wedding is fun and thrilling if you put your heart to it. If it is time to set your wedding hotel banquet, you should not dally because time is of great essence especially if your wedding is just in the corner. Do not underestimate looking for wedding hotel banquet because it can be very daunting if you are specifically looking for something.

When you talked about your budget and the date, it is time to proceed looking for venue and if you choose hotels, you should also consider wedding hotel banquet. There are many wedding hotel banquets here in Singapore. When you talk about wedding hotel banquet, the hotel will usually take care of the cooking. You just need to choose a menu that they set.


Sometimes you want to go outside the box and give your visitors a twist. Ask the wedding hotel banquet team if it is possible you can get other caterers. If they agree to it, you are in luck. You should look for caterers right away so you can plan your dishes. This is not that hard because there are many caterers here in Singapore that you can book. So, here are some menu ideas that you can consider:

Seated Wedding

Seated weddings are usually expensive. In a seated wedding banquet setup, visitors will usually sit and wait for the food to come. Seated wedding is convenient and organize but it is costly. The cost will depend on the number of visitors. When you consider this, you should suggest your Singapore caterer new ideas from their appetizers to their desserts.

Buffet Wedding

Buffet weddings are usually inexpensive. But the only drawback is traffic jam. People will usually line and wait for their turn. Other people think this as inconvenient especially if they are very hungry. The trick here is to distribute the crowd accordingly. You should establish buffet stations for each course. For example to organize the perfect wedding banquet for singapore brides in Singapore you should separate the meats from the desserts so people who only want to eat dessert will not wait long. Buffet weddings will do. If there are any foods left, you can bring it to the house. It is good too because people can go back as long as they want.


Specialty Wedding

If you want a specialty wedding, you should tell it to your caterers. For example, you want a Jewish or Indian wedding. The foods should be specifically prepared.

It is up to you to determine how many courses you will have. You can go as high as ten courses if you like. If you simply want a three course meal, you should pursue it and not think about other things. Budget is really important. You should make sure that you do not exceed your food budget because you might compromise other things like the decor, wedding gowns, souvenirs, photographers and videographers. It is always good to stay on budget.

Weddings only come but once so it should be prepared. Good luck on your wedding and do not forget to enjoy it. Do not be anxious.

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