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5 Ways to Treat Split Ends without Cutting Your Hair

There’s no hair enemy as stubborn and fierce as the dreaded split ends. This hair problem often occurs when the protective layer of the hair cuticles wears away due to external stressors like salon chemical services and heat styling. While the best way to get rid of this pesky problem is to have them cut off, there are some things that you can do to improve how your hair tips look, and to prevent more splits from occurring.


  1. Opt for a Wide-Tooth Comb

After applying conditioner in the shower, gently run a wide-tooth comb through your hair until no tangles are left. Doing so prevents breakage and snaps that you might incur as you brush out your strands that’s been roughed up from a towel-dry.

  1. Be Mindful of Your Heating Tools

Although that bargain blow-dryer is a tempting purchase, some inexpensive tools might dangerously overheat, and cause the tips of your hair to split. Instead, invest on quality blow-dryer brands like the Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer to safely dry your strands.

  1. Use Gentle Styling Tools and Products

Treating and caring for you hair like it’s an expensive fabric is what will make it look better and last longer. This is why the top hairstylists in Singapore recommend using covered elastics to tie one’s hair into a ponytail. If you’re going for a sheer look, on the other hand, opt for a gel product like Nexxus Exxtra Defining Gel, and a finishing spray such as Vegetal Strong Hold Finishing Spray to achieve that smooth finish.


  1. Minimize Use of Damaging Hair Services

Although there’s no sure way to avoid having services like hair colour, straightening, and perming, try limiting the hair service you’ll have to just one major procedure and avoid washing your hair in the next 48 hours. Doing this won’t just improve the health of your hair, it’ll also save you from the expenses of getting numerous hair services in one go.

  1. Apply Some Leave-In Conditioner

While the conditioner that you apply in the shower does little to nothing for split ends, using a leave-in conditioner adds extra protection to your strands as you go about your day. One of the best choices for this is Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day Conditioner, which can be applied on dry or wet hair.

Although snipping the tips of your hair is the most ideal way to deal with split ends, doing the aforementioned ways will surely help in improving the health and look of your hair even before scheduling your next salon appointment.

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