Learn Singapore Laws – Don’t Take it for Granted

Before you are going to a country, make a brief research about their cultures, languages and most especially their laws. If you selected Singapore as your itinerary, then you should be careful on what you do because Singapore is very strict with their laws. What you are used to will be changed once you are in Singapore.


It is a big slap on your face if you haven’t heard about the “Chewing gum law”. Basically, it is illegal if you consume, purchase and sell gum without permission to the authorities. Once you violated this law, do not expect for a quick interrogation and a small fine because it might be the other way you don’t expect. If you are caught eating bubble gums in public, you will pay the fine of more or less $1000 plus a community service.

Singapore government doesn’t accept any excuses that one don’t know the laws because in the first place, a person is reminded before and during the time he entered the country that there are laws that you find minor but in reality, it is more than your expectation.


As said, “Ignorance of the law excuses no one”. Indeed! This is what Singapore points out – learning to respect other’s rules and regulations to avoid problems. Remember the American who vandalize a car in Singapore? He was punished with 5 strokes of canning (a hard stick that will be whip on you). Once you collapse due to the pressure of canning, the strike continues until you’ll get back on your normal mind.

Basically, there are a lot of laws in Singapore but most it are related to cleanliness. Your only weapon here is to OBEY laws.



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