Guide to Working Effectively in Singapore for Foreigners


With the good job opportunities offered in Singapore, the number of its employees from neighboring countries has indeed increased over the years. It may appear difficult to work away from home but these five simple tips will make you look forward to your first day of work in this country.

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  1. Learn about the culture. It would be wise to equip yourself with information about the Singaporean culture. Do a self-orientation from research. In this way, you would be able to show respect and courtesy to your colleagues and to the people you’d meet every day in the streets or in the stations. For instance, Singaporean culture values cleanliness. Be neat in your appearance and be sure to maintain the cleanliness of surroundings at all times.


  1. Refresh your professional knowledge. There is nothing more impressive than a new employee who knows his game. Whether you are an experienced engineer, an IT specialist or a bank teller, it would be helpful to brush up on old college notes to refresh your knowledge on your would-be assignments. Your preparedness will gain the trust of your supervisor and colleagues in the workplace.


  1. Be at your best at all times. As cliché as this sounds, first impression lasts. Be punctual. Be professional. Closely follow instructions and be the best version of yourself. Be confident in doing your task. Remember that you were hired because you are capable for the job.


  1. Widen your circle. Be friendly to your colleagues. Reconnect with old friends who are also working in Singapore. Join local communities and enthusiasts which you can relate to. Do you have passion for yoga or for biking or for badminton, perhaps? There are several Singapore groups which would love to have you as their member. These activities will help you adjust and make homesickness bearable.


  1. Reward yourself. Like any other endeavor, you should give yourself a pat on the back after a project well done. As a reward, make a trip to amusement parks and unleash the inner child in you. You can also treat yourself with delish cuisines from the best Singapore restaurants; or you could shop from the wide variety of stores in the country!

Working in Singapore will not only pave way to your career growth but will also enrich your experience in the Lion City!


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