Fight Childhood Obesity

Researches show that kids these days have higher risks of acquiring heart complications and weight related ailments when they age 30 and above. The presence of television and computer games stop the child from doing active activities that could actually help develop healthy lifestyle. If this unhealthy habit won’t be prevented, it may lead to obesity. Experts said that preventing childhood obesity starts at home with the assistance of parents. And to start a healthy living with your kids, here are 4 simple ways on how to fight childhood obesity.

1.   Fresh Fruit Drinks and Water. Avoid storing canned and bottled fruit juices in your fridge. Processed fruit drinks still contain large amount of calories. Squeeze fresh fruits for fruit drinks or have water instead. Encourage everyone to drink healthy beverages at home. When going out, bring bottled water to quench the thirst.

2.   Keep Healthy Foods within Range. Place a basket of fruits, like apples and grapes, or anything that doesn’t require too much peeling, over your dining table or store freshly pureed fruits and fruit shakes in reachable areas inside the fridge. By that, they can always reach for something healthy whenever they feel like eating.

3.   Be Active. Go biking, play at the park, or maybe a camping trip with the whole family. It’s not only the kids who will get the benefit of being active, but you as well. You will not only get healthier body and mind, but also a healthier family ties.

4.   Be a Role Model. You are your kids’ role model. Your kids view everything you do as important, whether it’s good or bad. Hence, if you want healthier lifestyle for your children, be a good model, show them how to. It’s always easier to follow words with actions.

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