Fashion and Beauty Tips for Busy Moms


Being a mom is never easy—whether you’re the stay-at-home kind who runs around like a headless chicken every morning or the working kind of mom who spends after-work hours tutoring the kids for their assignments and exams.

It’s completely understandable if you have forgotten about your beauty routines. However, wouldn’t it be great to keep your skin flawless and your look more updated when sending kids to school or go on a date night with hubby?

Here are some beauty and fashion tips to heed to look and feel your best, so you can continue being a super mom and a lovely wife.

  1. A Set of Trusty Beauty Products

When you’re constantly on the rush, you want no-fuzz beauty products every time you’re getting ready. Our top picks are a moisturizer and a lotion with SPF, fresh-scented perfume or cologne and a lipstick.

  1. Once-a-Month Facial Treatment and Foot Spa

There is a whole set of options when it comes to facials and foot spas, but the basic ones would be enough to do the job. While the kids are at school, find a time to get your treatments done, and make sure to keep up with this schedule every month. To preserve the effects of your facial in between treatments, stick to the golden rule of cleansing, toning and moisturizing every day and night.

  1. A Classic LBD

As long as you have the perfect little black dress, the possibilities are endless. You can dress it up with heels and a clutch for a date-night look or dress it down with flats and a tote bag for a strolling-with-the-kids-at-the-park kind of look. Bear in mind that this dress doesn’t have to be skin-tight, so you don’t have to worry about unflattering curves. Finding the perfect LBD is about getting the right silhouette—not the brand or the price of the dress.

  1. A Pair of Versatile Heels

You need to have at least one—for special occasions or fancy night-out with your girl friends. No need to get yourself sky-high heels if you’re not comfortable in them. An elegant wedge or kitten heels will do the same trick. Keep your eyes peeled for the pointy style; it makes your legs look longer and sexier regardless of the height of the heels.

  1. Instant Hair-Dos

We totally get it—you’re always on the rush and just don’t have the time to spend in front of the vanity blow-drying and curling your hair. Before going to bed, dry your hair and bring it up to a loose knot with a scrunchie. For fine hair, use a volumizer spray at the roots of the hair before putting it up in a knot. When you wake-up, release the knot, tousle your hair and enjoy your fabulous locks.

You see, your kids and your husband may come first, but your well-being doesn’t always have to come last. With these helpful tips you can look effortlessly chic while still being the best mom you can be.

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