Experience the Nightlife at Zouk Singapore

Zouk is place which will make you remember how superb nightlife is in Singapore. If you are looking for some place to drink and party, Zouk here will not fail you. There are two branches of Zouk, one here in Singapore and one in Kuala Lumpur. Both these places create their own definition of what nightlife is.


Zouk is known all over the world that it was hailed as one of the top 100 clubs in the DJ Magazine list. In Singapore, Zouk is awarded by the Singapore Tourism Boards as the “Best Nightspot Experience” place here. Zouk has a rich history. Its buildings can tell the history of Singapore as it was built back in 1919.

In 1991, when Zouk was launched, it has created its own mark on history with the kind of service they are providing.  The oldness of the building does not show because of the fresh vibe and look of the three interconnected clubs in it. These clubs are Zouk, Velvet Underground and Phuture. Built in 1991, Zouk is the first club here.


It has state of the art club designs, technical equipment for music and world-class food and drinks. All of these creates a perfect clubbing experience—good food, classy drinks and good music. Slow and laid back type of partying can be found in another club here in Zouk. Relaxed and soulful music can be found in Velvet Underground.

This part of Zouk was built in 1994, and from then until now, it is a den for people wanting to relax and hear good music while drinking. Fresh, new and always surprising is the type of nightlife Phuture offers. Hence, its name Phuture which is pronounced as “future” explains why this club has this kind of theme.

Phuture was born in 1996. Hipsters, lovers of R&B and hiphop will find Phuture their comfort zone. These clubs in Zouk hold different events simultaneously. Their famous event ZoukOut, an annual music and dance festival is something party goers would not want to miss. This is a culture Zouk has started in 2000. Mambo Jambo and Thursday 4PLAY are other regular events here.



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