Choosing Colours for Your Home Interior Painting

Colour can make or break your home. It can add life and character, show your personality, or can revamp your place. Determine what pieces of the room you would like to highlight, perhaps you would want to show off your vintage flower vase or the elegant chaise longue next to that large windowpane. Whatever it may be, choose the right colours to help enhance the overall interior beauty of your home.

Bold Colours. For homeowners who love the power of contrast, have 2 entirely different paint colours in a single room. Just make sure that the 2 colours complement each other. For instance, paint the room walls with warm amber and your sitting area with red. For smaller rooms, have two slightly different shades to make an impression of extended spaces.

Subtle Look. If you want to put subtle emphasis on some portions of the house, choose a shade darker or a shade lighter from your primary wall colours for your home’s doorways. The subtle shift of colour will definitely catch the viewer’s eyes without making strong changes on the colours used.

Lights Influence Colours. One characteristic of colours is their ability change shade as the light changes. Incandescent, fluorescent and natural light can influence the natural colour of your home’s interior. That’s why choosing a home interior paint shouldn’t be rushed. The best thing you can do is to paint try painting small area of your house’s wall and observe the changes for 24 to 48 hours. Check the changes of colour shades and make sure that you’re satisfied with every effect.

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