5 Fun Ways to Spice up Your Life

Life can get exhausting if you’ve been functioning like a robot every single day. You wake up, drink your coffee, trudge to the shower, dress up and get to work. You’re basically on autopilot the entire day, without realizing that your whole routine is an energy drainer and a creativity killer. For that reason, we listed down some fun and simple ways on how you could possibly spice up your life and live it to the fullest.

1. Tweak Your Routine

Wake up earlier than usual so you won’t end up feeling rushed. You can take your sweet time meditating, cooking a good breakfast meal, or dressing up to your favourite Beyoncé track. Changing things up a bit every once in a while will make you realize that you do have a control over how your day would go.

2. Commute Differently

Instead of doing your usual commute, switch to another mode of transportation that’ll make you view your city in a new light. You can ride a different bus route or walk a different path to work. Trust us, it’ll feel like you’re travelling to a different place.

3. Watch a Live Show

Go and watch a live show, regardless if it’s a comedy show, an open mic night, or an acapella performance. We’ve been communication behind our tablet and phone screen that we’ve forgotten how invigorating it feels to be in the middle of the crowd. Plus, aside from the entertainment, you could also meet some new friends.

4. Do a Random Act of Kindness

If you want to experience a legit feel-good rush, do an act of kindness for someone who least expects it. Psychologists say we tend to feel better when we treat someone else as compared to spending for ourselves. The act simply fires up an area in our brain where joy, pleasure and trust reside. So the next time you find an old bag that you no longer need, load it with food and clothes and give it to any homeless person you see.

5. Make the First Move

This is undeniably one of the most difficult things to do due to the fear of rejection. Men, too, are scare and don’t have any clue as to how they should approach women – and yet, they’re expected to act like they know what they’re doing. Well, the worst thing that could happen to you is to get rejected – but then again, you’ll have a good material for a fun story to share in the future.

Spicing up your life doesn’t need to require a lot of energy and money. Simply switching things up a bit is already enough to break your monotonous routine and make you experience things that you’ve never experienced before. So be sure to try any of these activities to help you live one crazy, meaningful life.

Whats the Best Sleeping Position?  


For those who want quality sleep, they might want to rethink of their sleeping position. Let it be known that our sleeping position can have an effect on our sleep and overall health. According to Steven Park from the New York Medical College, sleep apnoea, fatigue, heartburn and headaches are intensified by improper posture when sleeping.


So, what’s the best sleeping position for us?

  • Black sleeping: Is it back sleeping? According to experts, back sleeping is not a good position for persons with sleep apnoea condition or for snorers.
  • Stomach sleeping: Sleeping on our stomach is not recommended as well because inhaling will be difficult.
  • Side sleeping: Many experts agreed that the best position would be at the sides particularly on our left side. Sleeping on our left side can help reduce heartburn symptoms.


Aside from our sleeping position, quality sleep can also be achieved if we follow tips like going with the flow – this means that we follow our natural sleeping pattern and not change it rapidly. We have to factor in our mattress as well. The condition of our mattress matters because it can dictate our sleep position.

Knowing these things, hopefully sleeping will be easier and more comfortable now. We have to give importance to sleep so when we wake up, we can catch whatever Singapore throws us. Regardless of the position we consider, we have to know that no one stays in one position all night so we have to move. Moving can help with our circulation. A good night’s sleep can make a difference at the end of the day.

5 Foods That Can Boost Your Concentration

There’s no denying that your morning brew can give your much-needed energy jolt to start your day. However, it seems like the giant mug isn’t enough to fight off the drowsiness you’ll feel later in the day. If you’ve been struggling to stay alert for quite some time now, then it might be time to think about the foods that you’ve been putting into your body. Boost your end-of-the-day productivity again just by adding these five concentration-boosting foods into your diet.


  1. Oatmeal. Although it’s pretty tempting to have a doughnut or a bowl of sugary cereal as your breakfast, it’s important that you start your day by having a meal that will help you stay focused and fight hunger without packing in some pounds. The best breakfast meal to achieve all this? Oatmeal. If you find it too bland, simply jazz it up using some fresh fruits, or cinnamon to add an extra spice.
  1. Dark Chocolate. In dire need to perk up your mornings? Then enjoy a feel-good cup of dark cocoa instead of your usual daily cup of Joe. Dark chocolate have been proven to boost endorphin and serotonin levels, which are associated to having greater concentration levels. A study also showed that drinking two cups of cocoa daily results to an improved blood flow in the brain, resulting to better memory. So indulge on a piece of your favourite dark choc now to solve your afternoon slump problems.
  1. Water. Sometimes all you need is just a glass of water to start off your day. Thirst and dehydration is what causes you to feel tired throughout the day, and reaching for an energy drink or a cup of coffee will only make you feel worse later on. So before you start doing anything, drink a 10-ounce glass of water and squeeze some fresh lemon on it for some added kick.


  1. Blueberries. Not only are these fruits tasty and rich in antioxidants, they’re also believed to be an excellent memory booster. Some research revealed that people who drank blueberry juice daily experienced an improved performance on learning and memory tests. So whenever you snack cravings start to kick in, consider digging into a pack of fresh and ripe blueberries.
  1. Salmon. Concentrated with omega-3 fatty acids, salmons prove to be a great help at rebuilding brain cells, slowing cognitive decline and strengthening the synapses of your brain. Also, the protein found in salmons contain amino acids that aid in keeping the brain sharp and focused. Just pair it up with your favourite egg dish for a satisfying meal that will surely kick off your day.

Although coffee can be a great help in keeping us awake and alert, there are still other foods that we can include in our diet to improve not just our overall health, but our concentration and productivity at work as well.


The Singapore Yacht Show

senatus_LZn_6N_displaywideYachts are a sign of luxury. If you want to buy one, you should head to the Singapore Yacht Show. The event will be from April 10 to 13, 2014. It will be held at One°15 Marina Club at Sentosa Cove. You will be awed and amazed of the yachts and its creator. If you want to know more about the show, read on:


You should look forward to the 2 award winning super-yachts: S/Y Vertigo and M/Y Exuma. S/Y Vertigo is 67 meters from Alloy Yachts in New Zealand. M/Y Exuma is 50 metres from Perini in Italy. S/Y Vertigo snared the 2012 Monaco Yacht Show and other awards. Expect exhibits from Fraser Yachts and Y.Co.



Yachts shows are a familiar sight here in Singapore because of the audience it attracts. There are many wealthy people here that are willing to take the plush. Apart from Singaporeans, the Show also draws the attention of other wealthy nations from Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India.


You should attend that APSBC (Asia Pacific Superyacht and Boating). The conference will be on April 8-9, 2014. The APSBC covers to streams – Boating and Superyachts. There will be discussions made by business leaders especially in the fields of international yachting.


The Show is made possible thru the participation of partner agencies and companies like the SECB (Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau), STB (Singapore Tourism Board), One° Marina Club, Sentosa Cove, Superyacht Singapore Association, GoGorilla, Yachtsxl and the Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

What are you waiting for? Book the date and prepare to be amazed! Singapore-Yacht-Show-2012 (more…)

Treat Yourself Special

It is not wrong to pause for a while and treat yourself. If you want to pamper yourself, you should make time for it as soon as possible before you burn out and lose all the spirit and spark. Here are some places that you can consider:


St. Gregory Javana Spa

St. Gregory is situated in Parkroyal @ Beach Road. They are available every Monday-Friday (9am to 10pm), Saturday-Sunday (9am to 9pm) and Holidays (9am to 8pm). Services start at S$70 onwards. If it is convenient for you, you can call them for appointment first at (+65) 6505-5755 or 6392-3872.

They offer Javanese themed massages and treatments. They only use natural ingredients for their treatment packages.

Spa Sauvignon

Spa Sauvignon is situated in Bussorah Street. They are available every Monday-Friday (10am to 10pm), Saturday-Sunday (10am to 8pm) and Holidays (10am to 6pm). Services start from S$50 to S$250. If it is convenient for you, you can call them for an appointment first at (+65) 6296-0980.

It is a unique spa because of its wine-inspired spa treatments. They have spa packages that you can avail.


Spaboutique is situated in Nassim Road. They are available every Monday-Friday (12pm to 9pm) and Saturday-Sunday & Holidays (10:30am to 9pm). Services start at S$80. If it is convenient for you, you can call them for an appointment first at (+65) 6887-0760.

They offer body wraps, Kyroga and yoga.

SK-II Boutique Spa

SK-II Boutique Spa is situated in Scotts Road. They are available every Monday-Friday (10am to 9pm) and Saturday, Sunday & Holidays (10am to 7pm). Services start from S$250 onwards. If it is convenient for you, you can call them for an appointment first at (+65) 6836-9168.

They offer aromatherapy, facial and other spa treatments.

Amrita Spa

Amrita Spa is situated in Raffles Hotel. They are available from 10am to 9pm daily. Services start at S$60 to S$400. If it is convenient for you, you can call them for an appointment first at (+65) 6412-1371.

They offer spa packages with their 6 treatment rooms. The spa is equipped with sauna, fitness centre, bath tubs and swimming pool.

Keeping Your Contemporary Art Longer

Owning an original piece of artwork can be considered as a price possession. Possessing a painting is very easy but preserving its beauty and luster is very difficult most especially when it is an oil-based type of painting. Preserving the original appearance and beauty of an oil painting is difficult to sustain especially when several years have passed by since it was first created. An oil painting is much more tricky to preserve compared to acrylic and other types of paint mediums. Here are the five simple ways in which you can preserve the natural beauty of your most treasured oil painting:


1. Avoid too much exposure to light
Art experts in Singapore suggests that vinci art oil paintings should avoid getting too much light and darkness since it can easily cause the darkening and fading of the painting. If you want to preserve the beauty of the artwork, avoid placing it on places wherein it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Moreover, avoid placing the painting near your electrical lights since it can also cause damage to the painting.

2. Don’t hide your painting for long periods
Artworks that are mainly composed of oil paint such as vinci contemporary art in Singapore should not be stored in dark places for a prolonged timeframe. If paintings are kept in a dark place, the tendency is that the painting would become a whole lot darker over time in Singapore.


3. Watch out for high temperature and humidity
When there is sudden changes on the humidity and temperature, the canvas and wood can become affected which may cause the painting to expand or contract. The sudden contraction or expansion of the canvass may cause damage to the contemporary painting. Always remember that in Singapore the canvass and the wood are capable of absorbing the moisture that is the main cause of the expansion. Contraction of the canvass as well as the wood usually happens during dry days while expansion occurs during humid days.

4. Handle oil paintings with care
When you are planning to relocate your vinci contemporary art oil painting from Singapore, always remember to hold both sides of the painting. Keep in mind to avoid grasping the top of the painting. Avoid bumping the edges of the paint when you are attempting to place it another location because even a slightest bump may case cracking on the surface of the artwork.

5. Keep the dirt off
Experts in Singapore suggest that when your contemporary artwork has dirt on its surface, always clean it immediately since it can attract pollutants, moisture, and molds on the painting. Oil painting Singapore is always kept away from the windows, fireplace, and candles.


6. Carefully clean your artworks
It is essential to wipe off the dust and other pollutants on the oil based painting. You may use a soft fabric to lightly wipe of the dirt. The use of micro-fiber cloth and anti-static types of cloth has gain prominence in cleaning oil painting. You may use a distilled water to dampen the cloth. Distilled water is advisable since you can assure that there would be no chemicals that would react to the components of the paint.

Getting Live Music for Your Wedding

Make your wedding special by hiring Singapore wedding live band to entertain you and your guests on your wedding reception. Having a live band on your wedding celebration is not just about having great music—it’s also about having live performance for everybody to watch. Everyone will surely enjoy watching live performances rather than listening to songs coming out from an iPod. Step up and make your wedding day unforgettable by getting live music for your wedding.


Dinner and Cocktail Hour
Once the wedding date has been fixed, immediately start searching for the right wedding live band Singapore. You should be able to book them as soon as possible because like other wedding vendors, best wedding live bands get easily booked up over a year in advance.
For dinner and cocktail hour music, it is best to have wedding live music with low volume or just enough for background music. You want a relaxing ambiance for everybody during this hour. To achieve this, decide on these following matters:
• Strictly instrumental or with light vocals?
• Classical music or popular jazz? Or both?

Next thing you have to consider is the number of musicians. Most common options for these are quartets, trios, duos or soloists. Instruments of these wedding live band musicians are can either be or a combination of guitar (electric and acoustic), harp, steel percussion and keyboard. Just remember that before finalizing everything about your wedding live band, make sure to ask your reception venue in charge about any noise restrictions or requirements.

Dance Music
After dinner and all the Singapore reception ceremony, it’s time for everyone to party! This is the most crucial part of your wedding reception. A well-planned wedding reception party with a good live band singapore will create great memories that everyone will always remember, while the poorly-planned ones will send everybody home earlier than expected. That’s why it is really important to get the right wedding band to keep your guests happy and entertained. To have the best wedding celebration, here are the factors in choosing a wedding band.

• Type of wedding live music: rock, country, hip hop, R&B, jazz, or a mix of everything?
• Logistics: The size and shape of the dance floor for the musicians and band’s equipment? Stage area? Venue’s closing time? If outdoor event, weather conditions?
• Specifics: Male or female vocals? Guitars, strings and horns? Or button boxes and accordions? Real entertainment or restrained performance?


Finding Musicians in Singapore
You can start looking for your live band from your family or friends’ referrals. You can even ask different wedding vendors since they have worked with several clients who have hired live bands for their wedding live music. You can also visit wedding live band booking agencies for lists of Singapore wedding live band. If you want to hassle live band searching, browse the web and look for the best wedding bands around the locality.

Once you have chosen your top 4 or 5 Singapore performers, start calling each of them to check their pricing and availability. Ask for their official website and video samples. Experienced and reputable performers do have these basic requirements for their client’s references. Also inquire if you can watch one of their live performances to personally assess their skills. Furthermore, ask for testimonials or recommendation letters from past clients.